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The Outsiders

Nine Films That Launched the Careers of Several Stars at Once

It's always fun to watch an older movie and spot the then-unknown who would later become a major star. "He's so young! She's so cute! Why, they're babies!" Once in a while, a film comes out where - through some skillful casting and pure luck - several of the fresh faces go on to have long-lasting Hollywood careers. This list… read more!

Franz Kafka

Nine Writers for Whom Success Came Posthumously

You know the story of Vincent Van Gogh, and how he only sold one painting during his lifetime. So too will you recognize most of the names on this list, authors and poets whose fame arrived only after they shuffled off this mortal coil. (Note: while it may be argued that any writer can sell more books during the century… read more!

Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers

Nine Movie Stars Who Have Played Identical Twins

It must be lots of fun for an actor to play twins. Sure, there are technical challenges, and you don't get to play off another actor... but it's all you! If I had to list every performer who ever portrayed multiple characters in a movie or TV show, it would take hours. After all, nearly half the cast of The… read more!

Glenn Close

Nine Famous Women With Men’s Names

Sorry, faithful readers, but after writing my last List of 9 I went to Spain for ten days, only to come home to a large (and certainly welcome) freelance writing gig that is taking up all my time this month. So I only have a moment to add a new list, a follow-up to my list of Nine Famous Men… read more!

Evelyn Waugh

Nine Famous Men With Women’s Names

The Johnny Cash hit "A Boy Named Sue" was written by author/poet/cartoonist Shel Silverstein. "Shel" is ambiguous enough as it is, but his song was inspired by his friend Jean Shepherd, the author of A Christmas Story, who was teased as a boy because of his own feminine-sounding name. There are some unisex names out there: Jesse, Jamie, Tracy, Jackie,… read more!

Douglas Trumbull

Nine Stunted Film Directing Careers

As I approach 40, I have been thinking about my mortality. More specifically, I find myself wondering if I will ever get to direct a third feature film. If I never do, I will find myself in the company of the following nine individuals who, for various reasons, never had the opportunity to helm many features, talented though they may… read more!

Patrick Fischler

Nine Character Actors Who Seem to Be in Everything These Days

There are movie stars, and there are character actors. The people whose faces pop up everywhere, even if they never get profiled in magazines or interviewed on talk shows. Who are these actors? And why are they all over the place? I don't know about you, but I've found the following nine thespians practically inescapable lately. Let's give credit where… read more!

Jelly Roll Morton

Nine Famous Non-Angelenos Who Died in Los Angeles

There's a saying: someone moves to Manhattan and five minutes later he calls himself a New Yorker, while someone lives in Los Angeles for twenty years and he still says he's from somewhere else. What defines an "Angeleno" when one is not born and raised here? How long do you have to live in this city before you can call yourself… read more!

Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine

The Nine Most Successful Brother/Sister Acting Duos

Theatrical troupes have, for centuries, been family affairs. But once Hollywood turned show business into a wildly lucrative industry, for many the only way to stand out among the millions of nobodies desperate for fame is to turn to good old fashioned nepotism; it's no secret that many big stars are the children of big stars. But whereas I've previously… read more!

Jimmy Walker and Jimmy Walker

Nine More Pairs of Notable People With the Same Name

I find it entirely appropriate to follow up my previous List of 9 with its own twin, since all the below celebrities and/or historical figures also come in twos. George Clinton. George Clinton is the force behind the legendary bands Parliament & Funkadelic. George S. Clinton (note the all-important "S"!) is a prolific film composer who may be box office… read more!

Julie Brown and Julie Brown

Nine Pairs of Notable People With the Same Name

The actor Michael Keaton had to change his original name before he could get work. Why? Because his original name was Michael Douglas. A conflict, you see. (Bad enough that there was also a talk show host at the time named Mike Douglas!) SAG even has ruled that different screen actors cannot perform under the same name. Thus, Bill Macy… read more!

Pia Zadora

Nine “Engineered” Movie Stars Who Fizzled

Movie stars are commodities, bought by producers and sold to audiences. Like all commodities, they are investments. And like all investments, studios love it when they can buy low and sell high. Thus, for every actor who found stardom only after years of auditions and thankless roles (Jim Carrey, Sandra Bullock, etc.), there is a fresh young face that comes… read more!


Nine Movies in Which Kate Winslet Has Gotten Naked

For years, this has been the #1 search string that brings visitors to this site. Don't worry, pervs, you'll get your information. But after you peruse this list, I sincerely hope you will also check out my other lists, movie reviews, and even my short films. You're here anonymously, so I'll never know what brought you to Anyway, here's what… read more!

Real Food Daily: Vegan Central

Nine Celebrity Sightings at Real Food Daily

Although the rest of the world loves to hate Los Angeles, we still get hordes of tourists every year, most hoping to see a movie star in real life. These tourists book expensive meals at The Ivy and Spago and mostly only see each other. Meanwhile, West Hollywood's vegan restaurant Real Food Daily is often packed with health-conscious celebrities. My… read more!

Faye Wray

Nine Famous People Whose First and Last Names Rhyme

Every month I say to myself, "Oh no! I can't come up with any new List of 9 ideas!" - and then magically, a few days later, I do. Even if it's a totally irrelevant list like this one. That said, whenever I start off convinced that I'm compiling the most random assortment of pointless trivia, I often discover during… read more!

Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious in Sid and Nancy

Nine Rock Stars Who Got the Biopic Treatment

After recent Oscar success for Ray and Walk the Line, the musician biopic is - for better or worse - big right now. After all, it promises an easy ticket for Hollywood actors who thirst for awards. Too bad the movies themselves are usually lousy. 2007 has seen the musician biopic at its peak, though input from the US this… read more!

Ice-T, Werner Herzog, Miranda July

Nine Famous People I’d Invite to a Dinner Party

The game of "What historical figures would you have over for dinner?" has been played for ages. The predictable answers are Joan of Arc, Jesus, Gandhi, and so on. Thank you, but I'm limiting my fantasy guest list to still-living people who all speak English, so they can understand each other and so I can follow what's being discussed. If… read more!

Blind Lemon Jefferson

Nine Legendary Blind Singers

It's interesting to note how many notable blind musicians there have been over the past century or so. (I suppose deaf singers would be more interesting, but...) You could say that, owing to their sightlessness, these people turned to music to make their lives more meaningful (and let's not forget instrumentalists, including jazz pianists Art Tatum and George Shearing), but… read more!

Two out of three generations of Fondas

Nine Three-Generation Film Families

Nepotism. It's always been a part of show biz. Back when actors were poor, children of traveling actors would often be expected to carry on the "family business." Now that movie people make millions, the allure for their offspring, who grew up in a world of wealth, fame and privilege, to make it big themselves is obvious. And, of course,… read more!

Adrienne Shelly

Nine Filmmakers Who Were Murdered

By and large, "filmmaker" is a pretty safe career choice. Most live long, healthy lives, remaining both creative and well-respected into old age. But cinema history is still peppered with the occasional violent death of a prominent director. Most of these people you've probably never heard of, but as they say, behind every murder is a great story. Theo van… read more!