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Home Fries, by Vince Gilligan

Nine Feature Screenplays Written by Future TV Creators

This list was so interesting to research that I've decided to make it a two-parter. (Part 2 is here.) Usually the biggest names in TV got their start in that medium. But once in a while you'll hear about a writer who gets a motion picture screenplay produced, then makes the move to television. This once was considered a step down; now it's a… read more!

You can’t come in.

The Nine Reasons Why a Film Festival Might Reject Your Film

As of this writing, I've submitted 20 Matches to 41 film festivals. Deciding where to submit can be tricky, as most festivals cost money to enter, and those fees add up fast. To make it worth the gamble, you have to consider which festivals you're willing and able to travel to; how much clout each festival has; whether it's the right venue for your film; if it has potential for… read more!

Aron’s Records

Nine Things That Say “Los Angeles in the 1990s” and Are Now Gone

I have lived in Los Angeles for 24 years – over half my life – so allow me to wax nostalgic for a bit. You non-Angelenos may want to tune out, but I still hope you enjoy this little time capsule of my first decade in town. None of these things exists anymore, but for me they are as symbolic of '90s LA… read more!

“Hoi polloi” refers to common stooges, not fancy ladies

Nine Common English Mistakes That Drive Me Crazy

There are thousands of articles about the many grammatical errors that people make when speaking or writing English: "its" vs. "it's" and so on. But these are the nine mistakes that bug me, Mark Tapio Kines, the most. "Snuck" instead of "sneaked". I realize I'm on the wrong side of history here: "snuck" has become so commonplace that it's practically proper English. But the word… read more!

Anton Chekhov

Nine Prolific Writers Who Only Wrote One Novel

Thanks to this year's surprise publication of Harper Lee's long-lost Go Set a Watchman, Lee is no longer a member of that elite group known as "Famous Authors Who Only Wrote One Novel". The Internet is filled with lists about these people, and you'll see the same names over again: Emily Brontë (Wuthering Heights), Ralph Ellison (Invisible Man), Margaret Mitchell (Gone… read more!

A Hummer

Nine Things That Symbolize the Aughts

In the 1980s, it was easy to define the previous decade by ticking off singular '70s fads: bellbottoms! disco! Leif Garrett! Likewise, when the '90s rolled around, one had no problem summing up the '80s: New Wave! Pac-Man! Moonlighting! Yet here I am in 2015, finding the current decade indistinguishable from the last. Part of this is me getting older and thus less attuned… read more!

The Twitter logo

Nine Things I Have Learned About Twitter

In 2013, I had a fruitless meeting with a talent agent, who told me to "get on Twitter, follow some showbiz people you admire, tweet at them, and your career will go places." Lame advice, but I still made a go of it. A year and a half later, with over 1,000 tweets and around 400 followers, I have not warmed to Twitter, and Twitter has not warmed… read more!

Dry Soda

Nine Brand Names I Swear By

I've never been big on brands. I haven't worn a shirt with a logo on it since high school, and can't understand why any self-respecting adult would do so today. (You are literally paying these corporations to be their walking advertisement.) However, in the spirit of the Christmas shopping season, there are some companies whose products I truly believe in… read more!

Blame It on the Bellboy

Nine Things We Should Blame It On

I just got back from vacation and am fighting jet lag, so this pop culture quickie should be self-explanatory. The boogie. In 1978, when the Jackson 5 were simply "The Jacksons" and Michael was just a year away from Off the Wall, the brothers released an album called Destiny. Its hits: "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)" and "Blame… read more!

My own 2009 Christmas card

Nine Tips for Good Christmas Card Etiquette

It's December, and many of us are about to embark upon the annual task of sending out Christmas cards to our friends and loved ones. It's pretty much the only personal snail mail we deal with anymore, so allow me to horn in on your holiday plans with my unsolicited advice. If you receive a card from someone, send them… read more!

The Pink Floyd

Nine Things That Got Rid of the “The”

I've always liked that game where you add the word "the" to the beginning of famous movie titles in order to make them sound stupid: The Psycho, The Grease, The Snatch, etc. Amusingly, some real-life movie sequels have actually employed this tactic (e.g., The Wolverine, The Final Destination). And then there's that Los Angeles tradition of sticking the word "the"… read more!

Meet your Krankenschwester

Nine Wunderbar German Compound Words

I studied German for four years. Today that only means I can utter a few outdated expressions that make my German friends laugh drily and/or correct me. But it's still an evocative language, and much of its charm comes from its wonderfully literal compound words. Here are some of my favorites: Selbstmord. An old German word for suicide, this one… read more!

Le Clic

Nine “Le” Brands

Having grown up in the '70s and '80s, I've long noted that several products from the era had an ersatz French "Le" in the brand name. It was an amusingly kitschy trend that I now look back on nostalgically. So here's a little tribute to those products, in a list that's as "misc." as you can get. LeSportsac. Like most… read more!

Driverless taxis

Nine Inventions I Believe We’ll Actually Be Using in the Future

Making predictions is a fool's errand. Think of all the past prognosticators who swore we'd have flying cars by now, while utterly failing to dream up something like Facebook. That said, it is fun to look back and see who was right on the money with their future visions - for example, the "PADD" devices unveiled on Star Trek: the Next Generation in 1987, and quite similar to today's iPads. And so I offer… read more!


Nine Questions I Have About Zombies

With the return of the hit TV series The Walking Dead and with Halloween season upon us, it's time to address some burning questions about zombies. Obviously, the very genre requires a certain suspension of disbelief, but because most zombie fiction adheres to a strict set of rules (e.g., they only die if you shoot them in the brain, a… read more!

No modern male equivalent of “mistress”

Nine Gender-Based Double Standards in the English Language

Over the past few decades, there's been a concerted effort to make English less sexist. For example, whereas proper English dictates the use of "he" when referring to a generic third person of unknown gender, today we employ the less grammatically correct "they" in most cases, and sometimes still the awkward "he/she". Stewardesses and stewards are now clumped together as… read more!

The QWERTY keyboard

Nine Obsolete Things That Refuse to Die

Over the last couple of decades, we have effectively laid to rest such now-outdated contraptions as the VCR, the audio cassette, and so forth. Hey, when you have something that works better, you use it... right? Well, yes, unless it's the following nine things, which we just can't seem to part with. The QWERTY keyboard. The somewhat arbitrary layout of… read more!

Mark Zuckerberg, surely one of the nine types

Nine Types of Facebook Users

In the year 2000, I wrote a list called Nine Types of Emailers, in which I categorized the more annoying trends in online communication. Well, here we are in 2010, and hardly anybody ever sends a proper email anymore. Part of this is thanks to Facebook taking over the world. With the imminent arrival of the film The Social Network,… read more!

Bacon everything

Nine Trends That I Wish Would Die in 2010

Happy New Year! 2010 is, according to most, the start of a new decade. But in my view it does not seem like anything new is really happening, or that anything old is going away. However, the year and the decade are both young, so there is plenty of time for the teens to have their own identity. I'd like… read more!

We don’t use the Metric system

Nine Ways in Which the US Is Different from the Rest of the Western World

Recently I was having a discussion with a friend and told him that I felt that, out of all the countries in the world, only two can be called truly unique: One is Japan. The other is the United States of America. And while one might say that Japan is not dissimilar to Korea and the US is kind of… read more!