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The Icelandic phone book is organized by first name

Nine Random Bits of Language Trivia

This list has nothing to do with anything except my own amateur obsessions with linguistic trivia. Still, I hope you'll learn a little something, or congratulate yourself on already knowing everything. Wendy has been a popular girls' name for some time. But did you know that J. M. Barrie invented the name Wendy for the youthful heroine of his famous… read more!

The Birth of Venus

The Nine Most Famous Paintings in the World

This list celebrates what I, self-appointed art czar, have deemed the most recognizable paintings on Earth. How did these works - many by otherwise obscure artists - become so well-known? Through arbitrary inclusions in schoolbooks? Via parodies? Or because of the timeless quality of the work? The answer may be all of the above. Mona Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci, 1503-1505).… read more!

The Running Commentator

Nine Types of Emailers

Electronic mail is wonderful: it allows shy people to communicate without a phone; it is faster and cheaper (though less endearing) than old-fashioned letters; it is a great way to locate old friends; so on and so forth. However, with each new medium of communication comes new variances of human behavior. These behavioral types have become rather commonplace within the… read more!


Nine Turkish Words That Made It into the English Language

What does the Turkish language have to do with a movie website? Nothing, really. But the List of 9 follows no set course. And there is some relevance to this list. In 2000, my first film, Foreign Correspondents, celebrated its first official sale - to Turkey. Families in Istanbul presumably snuggled up in front of the TV, poured a little… read more!

The CAA building: more appropriate than the Hollywood sign

Nine Show Business Survival Tips

Now that I'm close to finishing my new script and preparing to pitch it to would-be agents, partners, financiers, etc., I have written this list – which, as with all advice, is meant to convince myself as much as it is to educate you, the reader. Thing is, I've seen many people get strung along by vague promises of fame and fortune, often for years. Heed my tips and… read more!

The most dependable entry into Hollywood

Nine Common Entries Into Hollywood: Myth and Reality

So, you wanna be in showbiz, eh? Well, there are many ways to get your foot in the door, even if you don't know a soul in LA. As somebody who has more or less been there, allow me to share my insights, so that you may better prepare yourself for your rise to the top. There are, of course,… read more!

A new screenwriter

Nine Step-by-Step Tips for New Screenwriters

This list assumes that you have already decided on the story you wish to write. Congratulations! For many, that's the hardest part. But between the time you first type "FADE IN" and the time you start showing your script to big Hollywood executives, I have a few important suggestions for you, in definite chronological order. Don't tell anyone your story… read more!