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Nine of the Worst Movies That I Have Ever Seen

The only criterion for this particular list is that these are all films I have actually seen - and, in most cases, paid for - in theaters. There are far too many bad movies on video and cable to even begin listing those, but most of them are footnotes anyway. I mean to target the more high-profile films that people… read more!

Sliding Doors

Nine Recent “Split Personality” Films

When I was first trying to get people interested in Foreign Correspondents, many warned me that I'd have a difficult time selling it because the film was split into two separate stories. I guess it's just something filmmakers aren't supposed to do. But two years later, today's cinema is flooded with features from all over the world that consist of… read more!

Excuses, excuses

Nine Favorite Cop-Outs of Film Distributors

With all the woes I had finding a distributor for my first feature Foreign Correspondents, I thought I'd share some of the many excuses distributors will give you as you try to sell your film and/or screenplay. Remember, of course, that 99% of the people you meet have absolutely no power, so these underlings come up with one of the… read more!

The most dependable entry into Hollywood

Nine Common Entries Into Hollywood: Myth and Reality

So, you wanna be in showbiz, eh? Well, there are many ways to get your foot in the door, even if you don't know a soul in LA. As somebody who has more or less been there, allow me to share my insights, so that you may better prepare yourself for your rise to the top. There are, of course,… read more!

Several photos on this wall were Melanie Lynskey’s own

Nine More Bits of Foreign Correspondents Trivia

June 26 is an anniversary of sorts: it is the day, in 1996, when each of the two stories in my film Foreign Correspondents begins. So to celebrate this fictional birthday, here is more trivia – consider this a sequel to a list I wrote last year – that will hopefully also shed a little light on the indie filmmaking process. Just feet… read more!


Nine Movies About Food

I'm hungry, so I decided to make a list about movies that deal with food - and I mean movies that are all about food. Movies filled with food. Movies infatuated with food. It's funny that, with food such an important part of our lives, there are actually very few movies that focus on food as a central theme. It's… read more!

Let’s turn Foreign Correspondents into a TV series!

Nine Stupid Pieces of Filmmaking Advice I Was Given (and Didn’t Listen to)

While making my first feature Foreign Correspondents, I received lots of outrageous and inane suggestions from people who thought that the film needed improvement. I shouldn't dismiss all of these comments as stupid, necessarily, but they were all useless and/or inappropriate for this particular project. It does at least go to show you that a great many "experts" in Hollywood… read more!

Children of Heaven

The Nine Best Movies of 1998

Just before Oscar time - and just before the big glut of 1999 films starts pouring out - I thought I'd sneak in under the wire with my own annoying list of movies that I think you should watch. Please note that, although I'm calling these the nine best movies of 1998, they are really just nine films that I… read more!

The Big Picture

Nine Movies Every Budding Filmmaker Should Watch

So you still haven't been talked out of making your own film, eh? Well, good for you. But don't go into such an endeavor unarmed. Naivety is lovely, but it's important to get an idea of what other directors have gone through, whether it's a fictional or a factual account. Here are some films that will give you a good… read more!

Blaire Baron and Douglas Coler in my father’s house

Nine Assorted Bits of Foreign Correspondents Trivia

Here are a few little factoids about my film Foreign Correspondents that you may find interesting. Andy Tennant, who recently directed ForCor star Melanie Lynskey in Ever After, was also one of the main directors of ForCor star Corin Nemec's old TV series Parker Lewis Can't Lose. Corin's real name is Joseph Charles Nemec IV. His father, Joseph Charles Nemec… read more!

Even poor characters own 500 different jackets

Nine Secrets of Hollywood Magic – Revealed!

Almost every rational person understands that there is a lot of fakery in filmmaking: that's not blood, it's corn syrup; Tom Cruise isn't driving that car into a wall, a stuntman is. Still, there are certain little behind-the-scenes secrets that a lot of people don't know, or never picked up on. Movie stills are NOT actual footage from the movie.… read more!


Nine Recent American Films That Were Underrated

Here's a quick list of films that I personally happened to like, despite poor critical and/or public response, and I still recommend them for certain reasons (and certain moods). Casino (Martin Scorsese, 1995). Mostly dismissed by critics upon its release as being a poor copy of Scorsese's earlier GoodFellas, I contend that the world of Casino is much better-suited to… read more!

Par Avion

Nine Alternative Titles for Foreign Correspondents

In honor of the date - 9/9 - this special List of 9 includes 9 other titles that were, for one reason or another, thought of besides Foreign Correspondents for my debut feature film. The first 5 were titles I once gave serious consideration to; the last 4 are funny (and completely true) variants on the actual title, the result… read more!

The Innocents

Nine Black and White Chillers from the ’50s and ’60s

Whether or not you accept this as an actual genre, I greatly enjoy every one of these strange and often disturbing little movies, and recommend them to all. The Innocents (Jack Clayton, 1961). Based on Henry James' Turn of the Screw, this film stars Deborah Kerr as a Victorian-era governess whose young wards may or may not be possessed by… read more!

Break the law (like we did when we got this shot)

Nine Things I Learned About Hollywood Over the Past Year

April 28 marks the one-year anniversary of my Foreign Correspondents producer Julia Stemock sitting down with me and saying, "I will produce your film." It's also the one-year anniversary of the film's budget going sky-high. In the 365 days since then, we all went through the joys and terrors of casting, hiring, begging for money, filming, editing, and begging for… read more!

The Foreign Correspondents crew

Nine Obscure Film Crew Positions Defined

Some positions on film crews have funny titles - so funny that their obscurity has become a running gag among casual filmgoers. Everybody has heard the terms "best boy" and "gaffer", yet few people know what they do. Well, I'm here to set you straight. Please note that each position's definition varies a good deal, depending on the individual as… read more!

The Double Life of Veronique

Nine Single-Director, Multi-Story Films

It's been both blessing and curse that my first feature Foreign Correspondents consists of two separate stories. Many people got involved in the film because of its unusual structure; others shied away, fearing that it wasn't "commercially viable" enough. Actually, it's no better or worse than a single-story movie. It's just different. Still, it isn't the first of its kind.… read more!