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Tijuana’s birthplace of the Caesar salad

Nine Famous Dishes and Cocktails I’ve Consumed at their Point of Origin

I am still struggling to write more relevant, entertainment- or history-related lists that haven't already been done to death elsewhere on the Internet. (There are now so many, many other list makers I have to compete with.) To keep the List of 9 alive and unique in its 20th(!!) year, I often have to resort to more personal and/or arcane material. Still, hopefully… read more!

A bad photo of me and Amy Adams watching a Journey cover band

Nine Celebrities I Have Seen Doing Ordinary Things

I'm not blasé about celebrity sightings. It's one of the fun things about living in Los Angeles; even stars go nuts over seeing each other. And while through the years I have seen many famous people working on movie sets or at premieres, or socializing at bars and restaurants, sometimes I catch them doing the sort of quotidian things you wouldn't expect to see the rich and… read more!


The Nine Best Features I Saw at Film Festivals in 2016

2016 was a pretty grim year, but I do have one positive thing to say for myself: I saw more movies in the theater than I had in any year over the past decade. Compare: in 2015, I caught just 31 new feature films on the big screen. (That may sound like a lot to you, but you're probably not a childless filmmaker who… read more!

At a private dinner in Mallorca

The Nine Fanciest Experiences I Have Had

Recently I heard someone ask, "What's the fanciest thing you've ever done?" It's a fun question to answer, because first one has to define "fancy". It's not merely – or necessarily – expensive. But it is luxurious. Classy. A little snooty. And I don't come from fancy stock. Never been on a private jet or a yacht, or in an Italian sports car. Never had… read more!

Aron’s Records

Nine Things That Say “Los Angeles in the 1990s” and Are Now Gone

I have lived in Los Angeles for 24 years – over half my life – so allow me to wax nostalgic for a bit. You non-Angelenos may want to tune out, but I still hope you enjoy this little time capsule of my first decade in town. None of these things exists anymore, but for me they are as symbolic of '90s LA… read more!

“Hoi polloi” refers to common stooges, not fancy ladies

Nine Common English Mistakes That Drive Me Crazy

There are thousands of articles about the many grammatical errors that people make when speaking or writing English: "its" vs. "it's" and so on. But these are the nine mistakes that bug me, Mark Tapio Kines, the most. "Snuck" instead of "sneaked". I realize I'm on the wrong side of history here: "snuck" has become so commonplace that it's practically proper English. But the word… read more!

David Lynch

Nine Celebrities I Saw in 2015

Don't get turned off by this list's vapid title: I have some mildly interesting stories to tell. You see, although I have seen my share of famous people ever since I moved to Los Angeles, 2015 has been a banner year for celebrity encounters. Here are nine of those encounters, in chronological order: David Lynch. I had popped into a tobacconist to snag a matchbox; I was preparing my… read more!

Robert Shaw

Nine Autographs That I Got

I often try to write a personal List of 9 around my birthday, which was yesterday, so here you go. I've never been much of an autograph hound, but over the years I've compiled a most random collection of famous signatures. More or less in chronological order: Robert Hegyes and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs. It was 1975, and Welcome Back Kotter was all the rage. I… read more!

The Twitter logo

Nine Things I Have Learned About Twitter

In 2013, I had a fruitless meeting with a talent agent, who told me to "get on Twitter, follow some showbiz people you admire, tweet at them, and your career will go places." Lame advice, but I still made a go of it. A year and a half later, with over 1,000 tweets and around 400 followers, I have not warmed to Twitter, and Twitter has not warmed… read more!

Dry Soda

Nine Brand Names I Swear By

I've never been big on brands. I haven't worn a shirt with a logo on it since high school, and can't understand why any self-respecting adult would do so today. (You are literally paying these corporations to be their walking advertisement.) However, in the spirit of the Christmas shopping season, there are some companies whose products I truly believe in… read more!

The Arclight is to blame for a lot of this.

Nine Reasons Why I Don’t See as Many Movies as I Used to

Ever since the mid-'90s, I've kept tabs on the number of new releases that I catch in movie theaters. Between 1999 and 2004, I saw an average of 70-80 each year. Recently, however, that number has dwindled to about 40, sometimes less. What happened? I found at least nine reasons for the change. Although this list is based on my… read more!

Paul Thomas Anderson

Nine Major Film Directors Who Are Younger Than I Am

In less than a week, I shall turn 44. Funny, I don't feel that old. In fact, it always seems as though I am just at the beginning of my career. But as I'm sure everybody half my age will happily remind me, 44 is getting up there. There are people my age who are grandparents. Teddy Roosevelt was President… read more!

Me and the old man, circa 1975

Nine Great Quotes from My Father

This list is a little late for Father's Day, but nevertheless, it's a tribute to my Norwegian-born dad and his occasionally eccentric way of putting things, either because English is his second language or because, well, he just sees the world in a unique way. Over the years, these nine phrases are among the ones I remember the most: "Eat… read more!

Nate Ruess, of fun.

Nine Celebrities I’ve Been Told I Look Like

Over the years I have been told that I bear a resemblance to various famous men. In some cases I have literally been mistaken for these famous men. Why this happens to me more than other people, I don't know. In any event, although I was tempted to provide you with side-by-side photos comparing me with each of these guys,… read more!

The 12 Monkeys website

The Nine Creative Projects I’m Proudest Of

Like you, I've worked on some great projects, some projects that didn't live up to their potential, and some projects that were, shall we say, doomed. Of all the creative endeavors that I've been involved with over the years, here are nine that fill me with the most pride. This "pride" is based on the following criteria: 1) they were… read more!

Al Pacino and friend. Not my photo, but it’s what I saw

Nine Celebrities I Have Walked Past in Los Angeles

Who says nobody walks in LA? I walk around this city all the time. And this list is proof that I'm not alone. Even multi-millionaires have times when they need to tumble out of their limousines and stretch their legs. And lo, here are nine famous Angelenos who, as I can personally attest, have actually placed their feet upon a… read more!

Strangers on a Train

My Nine Favorite Films

I cannot believe that I have been writing these Lists of 9 for almost fifteen years now - fifteen years! - and yet I have never written the simplest and most obvious list that a filmmaker could write. So I'm writing it now. My nine favorite feature films, more or less in order. (Which is to say, the order is… read more!


Nine Common Foods and Beverages That I Only Started Liking This Year

Early this year, my wife had a plan: She was going to force herself to like all the various foodstuffs that she had avoided all her life. The idea was that if you make yourself eat something often enough, you'll get over your distaste for it. And you know what? It works! I used to be an excessively picky person.… read more!

Close Encounters at the Cinerama Dome

My Nine Favorite Moviegoing Experiences

It may not surprise you to learn that, since 1995, I have written down every film that I have gone to see in a theater. In retrospect, I probably should have logged where I saw each film and who I was with. But for now my memory is still strong enough to recall most of these details. Of course, over… read more!

“Walk This Way”, Run-DMC and Aerosmith

Nine Hit Singles I Wish Had Never Been Recorded

There are bad songs, and then there are bad songs that have a significant and irreversible effect on pop culture. Here are nine tunes which, if I had a big cosmic "undo" button, I would have made sure never came into existence. In some cases, the songs themselves aren't the problem so much as the terrible trends they unleashed. "WITCH… read more!