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Judy O’Dea in Night of the Living Dead and in Claustrophobia

Nine Similarities Between Claustrophobia and Night of the Living Dead

With the American release of my film Claustrophobia (retitled Serial Slayer by distributor Lions Gate), and in anticipation of the growing number of site visits from horror fans as a result, I thought it would be fun to add a few fright-related Lists of 9 to the usual batch. So while I'm not comparing my modest thriller to George Romero's… read more!

Harry Potter

Nine British Things My Girlfriend Actually Likes

[Note from Mark: I just got back from yet another trip to the UK - my eighth in ten years - so there is some relevance in posting this now. The list itself is written by my highly opinionated girlfriend Miki. She'll take it from here.] A few years back, someone pointed out to me that I seemed to hate… read more!

When Harry Met Sally… viewed 36 times

Nine Movies My Girlfriend Has Seen Over 10 Times

[Note from Mark: I've only seen one film over ten times in my life: Star Wars. So it was with great surprise that I heard my girlfriend Miki, who is neither a filmmaker nor a film geek, declare that she had sat through the following disparate collection of movies so frequently. I'll let her take it from here.] These are… read more!

Guest columnist Scott Spears

Nine Things Producers With No Money Tell You to Get You to Shoot Their Fabulous Short for Free

The talented and often hilarious Scott Spears, the cinematographer for my first feature Foreign Correspondents, came over to my house one afternoon and started rattling off all the various lines low-budget producers have fed him when trying to get him to shoot their short films for no pay. He hit it so right on the nose that I asked him… read more!

Typhoid Mary Mallon

Nine Weird Emails I Received Regarding “Typhoid Mary”

For a long time I've entertained the idea of doing a movie about the infamous "Typhoid" Mary Mallon. Lucky me, when I looked for the domain name, I found it unregistered. So I snagged it. Thus began several years of my having to put up with a sometimes friendly, sometimes angry public, particularly students writing term papers on Mallon… read more!

The Glittery Shell, the Christmas Ornament, the Zucchini Bowl

Nine Weird Gifts My Girlfriend’s Mother Gave Her for Christmas

What did you get for Christmas? Like everybody, I have received some very strange and clueless gifts in my life. But my girlfriend Miki (pronounced "My Key," you ruffians) is routinely given the most cringe-inducing presents I've ever seen, all from her well-meaning but eccentric mother. (See what I mean by "eccentric": Check out this photo of her living room.)I'll… read more!

This actriss had speling problums

Nine Weird Things I Got in the Mail While Casting Claustrophobia

The struggling actor has one of the toughest lives on earth. It is a profession rife with competition, insecurity, and endless rejection. Time and again, would-be thespians are advised to choose other careers if they can, to pursue acting only if they truly can't imagine doing anything else. Funny, then, that there are so many who can't imagine doing anything… read more!

Me, left, directing Foreign Correspondents (with Corin Nemec)

Nine Things I Learned About Life While Making Foreign Correspondents

My first feature Foreign Correspondents is now available on video (on Netflix and Amazon). Getting here was a long, hard road. Between the time I started writing the script in 1996 and this very moment, almost six years later, I've learned a number of life lessons. Take from this list what you will. Nobody wants advice. Everybody wants sympathy. The only time people take my advice… read more!

First movie I saw alone: The Money Pit

Nine Personal Movie Firsts

Usually I use the snobbish term "film" to describe a motion picture, but here "movie" is appropriate. This isn't high art I'm talking about, just little cinematic milestones in the life of a budding young filmmaker. First movie I went to without my mother driving me: VICTORY (1981). A World War II prisoner of war soccer(!) movie starring Sylvester Stallone,… read more!

Maggie Cheung

Nine Famous Women I Have Crushes On

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I dedicate this list to the small collection of famous women who, often for inexplicable reasons, I have crushes on. You can have your Charlize Therons, your Jennifer Lopezes, your Angelina Jolies. I don't want them. These nine ladies might not make most frat boys' top ten babe lists, but... well, I guess that… read more!

I predicted LA’s 1994 quake just days in advance

Nine Chance Meetings and Coincidences

I don't believe in fate. Everything is random, in my opinion. But philosophy aside, my life has been filled with strange coincidences, chance occurrences, and the like. Here are some of the eerier encounters. The girl from CalArts. In the late '90s, I went to a supermarket and bumped into my old boss. That was odd, but it gets odder:… read more!

I did something similar to this

Nine of the Stupidest Things I Have Ever Done

I'm not talking about unforeseeable accidents, well-intended blunders, silly fads from youth, or standard everyday regrets (e.g., "I shouldn't have ordered the pork"). I'm talking about incredibly dumb, I-can't-believe-anybody-could-be-so-moronic acts. I did all these things. And I was sober every time. Here goes: At the gas station. One day in 1995 I was on my way to work and I… read more!


Nine of the Worst Movies That I Have Ever Seen

The only criterion for this particular list is that these are all films I have actually seen - and, in most cases, paid for - in theaters. There are far too many bad movies on video and cable to even begin listing those, but most of them are footnotes anyway. I mean to target the more high-profile films that people… read more!

Patrick and I both worked on this interactive CD

Nine Weird Connections Between Mark Tapio Kines and Patrick Stewart

In my life, I have discovered many strange coincidences that tie me to noted British actor Patrick Stewart, a man I don't personally know. So I present this list primarily as proof of how small the world is, and also as a belated birthday greeting to Mr. Stewart, who turned 59 last week. My close friend for years, Craig, once… read more!

Several photos on this wall were Melanie Lynskey’s own

Nine More Bits of Foreign Correspondents Trivia

June 26 is an anniversary of sorts: it is the day, in 1996, when each of the two stories in my film Foreign Correspondents begins. So to celebrate this fictional birthday, here is more trivia – consider this a sequel to a list I wrote last year – that will hopefully also shed a little light on the indie filmmaking process. Just feet… read more!

Some Austrian woman thought I was Al Bundy

Nine of the Weirdest Emails I Have Received

When I first set up my Foreign Correspondents movie website in late 1997, the Internet was still rather small, and people searching for things related to my film's actors or subject matter would often wind up at the site and then email me their queries. Over the years, I made a number of good friends this way. Sometimes, though, I'd… read more!

Let’s turn Foreign Correspondents into a TV series!

Nine Stupid Pieces of Filmmaking Advice I Was Given (and Didn’t Listen to)

While making my first feature Foreign Correspondents, I received lots of outrageous and inane suggestions from people who thought that the film needed improvement. I shouldn't dismiss all of these comments as stupid, necessarily, but they were all useless and/or inappropriate for this particular project. It does at least go to show you that a great many "experts" in Hollywood… read more!

Blaire Baron and Douglas Coler in my father’s house

Nine Assorted Bits of Foreign Correspondents Trivia

Here are a few little factoids about my film Foreign Correspondents that you may find interesting. Andy Tennant, who recently directed ForCor star Melanie Lynskey in Ever After, was also one of the main directors of ForCor star Corin Nemec's old TV series Parker Lewis Can't Lose. Corin's real name is Joseph Charles Nemec IV. His father, Joseph Charles Nemec… read more!

Par Avion

Nine Alternative Titles for Foreign Correspondents

In honor of the date - 9/9 - this special List of 9 includes 9 other titles that were, for one reason or another, thought of besides Foreign Correspondents for my debut feature film. The first 5 were titles I once gave serious consideration to; the last 4 are funny (and completely true) variants on the actual title, the result… read more!

Break the law (like we did when we got this shot)

Nine Things I Learned About Hollywood Over the Past Year

April 28 marks the one-year anniversary of my Foreign Correspondents producer Julia Stemock sitting down with me and saying, "I will produce your film." It's also the one-year anniversary of the film's budget going sky-high. In the 365 days since then, we all went through the joys and terrors of casting, hiring, begging for money, filming, editing, and begging for… read more!