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Creedence Clearwater Revival

The Nine Biggest Bands to Come from the San Francisco Bay Area

Although I've now lived in the Los Angeles area for almost half my life, I'm still a Northern California boy at heart - raised in Cupertino, home of Apple and about forty miles south of San Francisco. So this is my tribute to all the Bay Area recording artists who have given the world a wealth of great music. While… read more!

David Liebe Hart

Nine Los Angeles Eccentrics

Ever since the "movie people" first came to Hollywood in the 1910s, my adopted hometown has long been stereotyped as a haven for freaks. What most outsiders don't know is that LA people are just as conformist as anybody else - maybe not the way that smalltown Iowans are, but the idea is the same. However, there still exist several… read more!

Harry Potter

Nine British Things My Girlfriend Actually Likes

[Note from Mark: I just got back from yet another trip to the UK - my eighth in ten years - so there is some relevance in posting this now. The list itself is written by my highly opinionated girlfriend Miki. She'll take it from here.] A few years back, someone pointed out to me that I seemed to hate… read more!

MTK and Miki at the Trevi fountain

Nine Great Things About Rome

I just got back from a two-week trip in Italy, and as my girlfriend Miki, who accompanied me, said, "Who could not love Rome?" A lot of people, apparently: friends have told me that they feel alone in their admiration for the Eternal City, and others have had reservations about visiting. There seems to be a belief that Rome is… read more!

The Bradbury Building

Nine Interesting Places to Visit in the Los Angeles Area

After traveling, it's always a little hard to return to my home in Los Angeles. Back to the old grind and all. So I thought, well, after all the touristy things I did around the world this autumn, what would I really recommend to a visitor who came out here? Most folks never see the good stuff: it's always the… read more!

New York

Nine Taxi Experiences in Nine Different Cities

Jim Jarmusch once made a movie called Night on Earth, which told five different stories that took place in five different taxicabs in five different cities across the world. This list isn't really a tribute to Night on Earth as it is my thesis that two things distinguish a nation's character: paying the bill at a restaurant, and taking a… read more!

Teri Hatcher

Nine Notable People Who Came from Silicon Valley

I was born in Massachusetts and I've lived in LA since 1989, but I spent my formative years in the San Jose area (my neighborhood was originally part of San Jose, but was later annexed by Cupertino, home of Apple Computer). Today, despite the fact that Silicon Valley companies now run much of the nation's economy, I still have to… read more!

Paris vs. Los Angeles

Nine Comparisons Between Paris and Los Angeles

I just got back from my first-ever trip to Paris. So why not use this opportunity to postpone my better lists for later, and waste your time with these comparisons between the City of Lights and my own home base, the City of Angels? Who knows - maybe this list will even help you plan your next vacation. City layout.… read more!

Lots of Koreans; not much summer heat

Nine Truths About Living in Los Angeles

Since half of my film Foreign Correspondents is about living in the city of Los Angeles, what better way to kick off the new year - soaking up the warm sunshine and blue skies while the rest of America freezes - with some myth-debunking truths about life in the City of Angels. And please, I'm not offering these up for… read more!

Sonja Henie

Nine Notable Norwegians

May 17 is Norwegian Constitution Day, the biggest national holiday in Norway. In celebration, I thought I would pay tribute to nine Norwegians who have left their respective marks in world history and culture. This list isn't as random as it may seem - one of the main characters in Foreign Correspondents is Norwegian, and in fact a good deal… read more!