Nine of the Decade’s Most Underrated Films

Lately a number of movie reviewers have been releasing lists of what they have deemed to be the best films of 2000-2009. There's a lot of overlap with the films I've put on my own annual "top ten" lists - sometimes a movie comes out that most everybody can agree on. However, whereas I sometimes post year-end lists of what… read more!

Patrick Fischler

Nine Character Actors Who Seem to Be in Everything These Days

There are movie stars, and there are character actors. The people whose faces pop up everywhere, even if they never get profiled in magazines or interviewed on talk shows. Who are these actors? And why are they all over the place? I don't know about you, but I've found the following nine thespians practically inescapable lately. Let's give credit where… read more!

Pat Morita and Jay Leno in Collision Course

The Nine Strangest “Buddy Movie” Team-Ups

Ah, the buddy movie. We don't see too many of them anymore, do we? But during the '80s and '90s this was a staple genre in cinema. Perhaps it all really started with the offbeat pairing of Eddie Murphy - then only known for his work on Saturday Night Live - and serious actor Nick Nolte in 48 Hours, which… read more!

George Harrison ripped off the Chiffons

Nine Hit Songs That Ripped Off Other Songs

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm proud that I'm able to write, direct, edit and shoot a film as well as do graphic design, illustration, animation and other forms of creative writing. I am not, however, a renaissance man, as I don't have a musical bone in my body. I cannot play an instrument, and if I ever tried… read more!

Jelly Roll Morton

Nine Famous Non-Angelenos Who Died in Los Angeles

There's a saying: someone moves to Manhattan and five minutes later he calls himself a New Yorker, while someone lives in Los Angeles for twenty years and he still says he's from somewhere else. What defines an "Angeleno" when one is not born and raised here? How long do you have to live in this city before you can call yourself… read more!

We don’t use the Metric system

Nine Ways in Which the US Is Different from the Rest of the Western World

Recently I was having a discussion with a friend and told him that I felt that, out of all the countries in the world, only two can be called truly unique: One is Japan. The other is the United States of America. And while one might say that Japan is not dissimilar to Korea and the US is kind of… read more!

I never thought Twitter would amount to anything

Nine Things I Was Wrong About

Like many people, I've been affected by this "I'm right, you're wrong" attitude which has permeated American culture an an intense level for the last few years. I'm not here to put the blame on any political party, Internet message board or news outlet, but I do think we could all do with a dose of humility. Starting with me.… read more!

Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine

The Nine Most Successful Brother/Sister Acting Duos

Theatrical troupes have, for centuries, been family affairs. But once Hollywood turned show business into a wildly lucrative industry, for many the only way to stand out among the millions of nobodies desperate for fame is to turn to good old fashioned nepotism; it's no secret that many big stars are the children of big stars. But whereas I've previously… read more!

Artwork by Donald Roller Wilson

My Nine Favorite Artists

Not many people talk about fine art anymore, unfortunately. But I still get excited about it, and I think everybody should have a favorite artist. Here are my nine favorites, the artists whose work I will always make a beeline towards in museums. If you don't recognize their names or their work, I encourage you to look them up. JOSEPH… read more!

“Kids in America” and “east” California

Nine Hit Songs With Factual Errors in the Lyrics

Pop/rock songwriters are notorious for their bad grammar. Any English teacher can tell you that. But some are equally clueless about geography and history. Such as the writers of the following nine tunes: "Pride (in the Name of Love)", U2, 1984. Probably the most famous lyrical error, Bono pinpointed the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. as occurring on "early… read more!

Jimmy Walker and Jimmy Walker

Nine More Pairs of Notable People With the Same Name

I find it entirely appropriate to follow up my previous List of 9 with its own twin, since all the below celebrities and/or historical figures also come in twos. George Clinton. George Clinton is the force behind the legendary bands Parliament & Funkadelic. George S. Clinton (note the all-important "S"!) is a prolific film composer who may be box office… read more!

Julie Brown and Julie Brown

Nine Pairs of Notable People With the Same Name

The actor Michael Keaton had to change his original name before he could get work. Why? Because his original name was Michael Douglas. A conflict, you see. (Bad enough that there was also a talk show host at the time named Mike Douglas!) SAG even has ruled that different screen actors cannot perform under the same name. Thus, Bill Macy… read more!

Guest columnist Scott Spears

Nine Great Lines Heard While Working on Low Budget Movies

This list is written by a special guest, my Foreign Correspondents cinematographer Scott Spears, who has contributed to this list before. He's shot dozens of features and shorts over the past two decades, and like many indie film veterans has lots of great stories to tell. Keep in mind as you read his list that Scott is not at all… read more!


Nine Portmanteaus for Men Who Do Traditionally Female Things

A few years back, the term "metrosexual" entered the English language. It was what we call a portmanteau, a word that mashes together two different words to form something in between a compound word and a pun. (Brunch, jewfro and infomercial are all portmanteaus.) "Metrosexual" itself referred to a straight man with an interest in girly things like skin care,… read more!


The Nine Least Inspired Movie Titles of the Last 12 Months

It's hard to title a movie. It really is. You want something engaging, something that suggests what the movie is about, something memorable, and most importantly, something that's not embarrassing to say aloud. Add to this list "something not generic," because as the below nine entries will reveal, the much-discussed creative bankruptcy of Hollywood studios has now extended into the… read more!


Nine Foods I Ate As a Child That I Wouldn’t Touch Today

It's my birthday tomorrow, and as birthdays do, it's gotten me to think about all the time that's gone by and how I have changed throughout the years. One topic that came up was food. Now, I'm married to a vegan - which isn't as awful as you'd think, provided said vegan knows how to cook really well, as my… read more!

Pia Zadora

Nine “Engineered” Movie Stars Who Fizzled

Movie stars are commodities, bought by producers and sold to audiences. Like all commodities, they are investments. And like all investments, studios love it when they can buy low and sell high. Thus, for every actor who found stardom only after years of auditions and thankless roles (Jim Carrey, Sandra Bullock, etc.), there is a fresh young face that comes… read more!

Me with my winnings

Nine Lottery Windfalls – and How I’d Spend Them

In these trying economic times, when both jobs and solid investment opportunities are scarce, even the most hardened realist may dream about winning easy money in a lottery. Why, all you need to do is guess six or seven numbers, and you could win millions! I only buy lottery tickets once or twice a year, and of course I've never… read more!

“A Touch of Rheumatism”, Charles Spencelayh

Nine Outdated Medical and Psychological Terms

My wife and I were recently discussing once-common words that have since fallen out of fashion. For instance, in the 1960s everybody referred to marijuana as "grass". No longer. Today it's called a million things, but never grass. Similarly, nobody seems to call a condom a "rubber" anymore. Of course this is just street slang, and most slang changes by… read more!


Nine Movies in Which Kate Winslet Has Gotten Naked

For years, this has been the #1 search string that brings visitors to this site. Don't worry, pervs, you'll get your information. But after you peruse this list, I sincerely hope you will also check out my other lists, movie reviews, and even my short films. You're here anonymously, so I'll never know what brought you to Anyway, here's what… read more!