Nine Completely Unsellable Film Titles

The Woman Who Drank Vomit Constantly

This quickie list is based on a game I've long enjoyed where friends and I try to come up with the most unreleasable, unmarketable film titles possible - the only rule being, of course, that no profanity is used. (That would be too easy.) These are some of my favorites. For whatever reason - off-putting subject matter, immediate lawsuits, what have you - I'm betting that no one on earth could get a movie into your local theater with any of the following titles:

  1. Murder at Disneyland
  2. Children Are Sexy
  3. Tom Cruise Is Gay
  4. Two Hours of Fat Men Defecating
  5. A Family of Mimes
  6. Carrots: The Movie
  7. Star Wars: Episode 7 [2013 UPDATE: Yes, I know.]
  8. The Woman Who Drank Vomit Constantly
  9. The Catcher in the Rye