Nine Movies in Which Kate Winslet Has Gotten Naked


For years, this has been the #1 search string that brings visitors to this site. Don't worry, pervs, you'll get your information. But after you peruse this list, I sincerely hope you will also check out my other lists, movie reviews, and even my short films. You're here anonymously, so I'll never know what brought you to Anyway, here's what you came for. The nine movies in which Kate Winslet bared all.

  1. Heavenly Creatures, 1994. Peter Jackson's true crime drama introduced the world to two talented young actresses: Melanie Lynskey, whom I wound up casting in my first feature Foreign Correspondents on the strength of her performance here, and Winslet, who at 17 quickly established an openness to onscreen nudity, as seen in a couple of bathtub scenes.
  2. Jude, 1996. Although her fully-clothed performance in Sense and Sensibility turned her into an Oscar-nominated star who could easily choose from a plethora of non-nude roles, Winslet went full frontal for this middling adaptation of Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure.
  3. Titanic, 1997. It's arguable as to whether Winslet's fleeting bedroom flashbacks in Kenneth Branagh's 4 hour long Hamlet (1996) count as nude scenes. I say no. Not when you have Titanic the following year, which proved that the MPAA could be very flexible in giving a PG-13 rating to a film with R-rated content... provided that it was a $200 million investment for two major studios. It is possible that, thanks to this film's phenomenal success, more people have seen Kate Winslet's breasts than any other woman's.
  4. Hideous Kinky, 1998. Much was made out of Winslet's decision to follow up The Biggest Movie in the World with this little-seen British indie, though it didn't prevent her from once more getting her top off in a couple of scenes.
  5. Holy Smoke, 1999. You can always count on one thing in a film directed by Jane Campion: the lead actress will get naked. As did our Kate, then at her heaviest, proudly displaying her copious flesh in a full frontal scene that also involved, well, urinating on herself. Not very alluring – except, perhaps, for a certain type of viewer.
  6. Quills, 2000. Winslet continued her annual streak of, well, streaking with a couple of topless scenes – one as a corpse – in this overrated dramatization of the Marquis de Sade's imprisonment.
  7. Iris, 2001. In what would be her last nude scenes for five long years, the actress showed off literally everything she had as skinny-dipping author Iris Murdoch.
  8. Little Children, 2006. Winslet proved just as willing to bare all in her thirties as she was in her teens and twenties in what I feel remains her only truly great performance after Heavenly Creatures and Sense and Sensibility.
  9. The Reader, 2008. It was the film that finally won Kate Winslet her much-coveted Oscar, after five earlier attempts. (For the record, she got naked in four of her six nominated roles, keeping her clothes on only in Sense and Sensibility and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.) Although plenty naked in this film, the actress has gone on record as saying that she will never do another nude scene again, due to her advancing age (a mere 33 as of this writing).