Nine Movies That Sound Dirty, But Aren’t

Ride the Pink Horse

These are actual movies from bygone days that by today's standards have, shall we say, slightly "dubious"-sounding titles - at least to those of us with dirty minds. I'll supply a brief synopsis for each film. You supply the double entendres.

  1. Ride the Pink Horse (1947). Film noir about gangsters trying to blackmail each other in New Mexico. Starring and directed by popular actor Robert Montgomery.
  2. Inside Daisy Clover (1965). Natalie Wood stars as a '30s-era teenager who becomes a Hollywood star in this show biz drama.
  3. The Extraordinary Seaman (1969). Comedy about David Niven piloting a long-lost battleship in World War II. Faye Dunaway, Alan Alda, and Mickey Rooney also star. The filmmakers were probably aware of the title's pun.
  4. Skin Game (1971). James Garner and Louis Gossett, Jr. star in this comedy about a couple of con men in the wild west, posing as master and slave. (Note: Alfred Hitchcock made an unrelated movie of the same title 30 years earlier.)
  5. We've Never Been Licked (1943). World War II propaganda film about a young man growing up in Japan, then fighting for America during the war. Robert Mitchum has a bit part.
  6. Advance to the Rear (1964). Civil War-era comedy about a Union soldier who rejects heading out west. With Glenn Ford.
  7. The Constant Nymph (1943). Romantic drama about a teenage girl (Joan Fontaine) who falls hopelessly in love with an arrogant composer (Charles Boyer).
  8. One Hundred Men and a Girl (1937). No, this isn't a biopic about Clara Bow. It's an Oscar-winning musical with its titular girl (Deanna Durbin) leading a ragtag symphony orchestra: the hundred men.
  9. How about those Three Stooges? A festival of "Stooges" shorts sounds like a wild evening of depravity: Pardon My Clutch; Booty and the Beast; Grips, Grunts and Groans; Boobs in Arms; Up in Daisy's Penthouse; Sweet and Hot; Wham Bam Slam; Tricky Dicks... the list goes on and on.