Nine Weird Connections Between Mark Tapio Kines and Patrick Stewart

Patrick and I both worked on this interactive CD

In my life, I have discovered many strange coincidences that tie me to noted British actor Patrick Stewart, a man I don't personally know. So I present this list primarily as proof of how small the world is, and also as a belated birthday greeting to Mr. Stewart, who turned 59 last week.

  1. My close friend for years, Craig, once ran the West Coast Patrick Stewart fan club in the late '80s. He got to know Patrick very well and sent me a photo of the two of them together - Craig actually could pass for his son.
  2. Speaking of Patrick's son... who doesn't look that much like his father, in my opinion... I went to CalArts with Daniel Stewart, also an actor.
  3. Stranger still, I grew up just a few miles away from Adria Woomer, Daniel Stewart's future ex-wife. She knew several of the people I grew up with, and actually whenever I would bump into her and Daniel at a party, I wound up chatting with her more than with Daniel. Adria, if you're out there reading this, drop me a line and say hello!
  4. I once sat next to Patrick at a theatrical production of Shakespeare's As You Like It in 1990. He ate a lot of cinnamon candies, as I recall.
  5. I designed the graphics for an interactive CD-ROM (actually CD-i, if anybody remembers that) about the Titanic - several years before James Cameron's movie. Patrick did the voiceover narration for the disc, and I even got to meet him (whereupon I did manage to tell him all the strange connections we had at the time).
  6. Currently employed at Paramount Pictures, I art direct the official Star Trek web site and see many of Patrick's past and present costars almost on a weekly basis. (Patrick himself is due to come in for an online chat next week.)
  7. Of course I directed Patrick's Star Trek: The Next Generation costar Wil Wheaton in Foreign Correspondents.
  8. There was another ForCor crew member with close ties to Star Trek - our music recording engineer Don Hahn, who has also engineered the music scoring for all the Star Trek series, particularly The Next Generation.
  9. And how could I forget that ForCor transportation coordinator Dennis Tracy worked on at least two Star Trek films... as Patrick Stewart's stand-in!