Broken Embraces

This entertaining Almodóvar melodrama is more in the mold of High Heels and Volver than of the kinky cross-dressing or S&M movies that made him famous. Broken Embraces begins in 2008, when a blind screenwriter (Lluís Homar) hears about the death of a wealthy Spanish financier and reflects back on 1994, when he still had his sight and was directing his first comedy, starring the financier's mistress (Penélope Cruz). Thus unwinds a tale of jealousy, revenge, love, and moviemaking.

Like most of Almodóvar's films, Broken Embraces has colorful sets, offbeat characters, and rich music. Anyone familiar with his recent work will feel right at home. There's not much else to add here, except that I feel a special connection to this film's fictional director, whose creative work is at constant risk of being taken away from him. It's probably not something Almodóvar has ever had to deal with, but it's a fact of life for many filmmakers.