Brotherhood of the Wolf

If you liked La Femme Nikita, which was junk, you will probably enjoy this silly, sadistic thriller, which is also junk.

Brotherhood of the Wolf, reportedly based on legend, tells the story of a ferocious wolf-like creature terrorizing the countryside in 18th-century France, and the two men – a Parisian libertine who looks like a young Bruce Willis with a blonde wig and a Native American who somehow has mastered Kung Fu – sent to destroy it.

This is the Eurodisco of action cinema: slick, overdone, stupid, loud, and empty. Director Gans uses every trick in the book – the film speeds up and slows down like a movie trailer, the camera flies around and around, and there are a couple of ridiculous cross-dissolves (one between a woman's breasts and a pair of snow-covered hills!). But what does it all serve? The suspense is weak. The monster isn't that scary. And anyone who's seen Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow or even an episode of Scooby-Doo will figure out early on who's really behind all these horrible murders. Finally, the film loses big points for its weirdly misogynistic slant (though it tries to cover its ass by including two "strong" female characters). The costumes and sets, however, are really nice.