The Ladies Man

Another Saturday Night Live skit has been adapted for the big screen. If that sentence makes you suspect that The Ladies Man is uninspired and stupid, then you're right on the money.

Lesser SNL alumnus Tim Meadows plays lisping, oversexed, '70s-clad radio talk show host Leon Phelps. He's received a letter from a wealthy woman fan and tries to find out who she is. Meanwhile, a bunch of angry men whose wives have been seduced by Phelps (led by Meadows' very weird SNL costar Will Ferrell, who must have it in his contract to appear in every SNL movie that gets produced) plot revenge.

That's it, that's the story. You also get 85 minutes of tired double entendres, gross-out jokes, unamusing secondary characters, Ferrell acting psychotic, and poor Meadows, trying his hardest but providing no memorable moments for the Monday morning water cooler crowd to quote. There's also an entirely boring romantic subplot.

Trivia buffs may note that Julianne Moore has a cameo as a horny clown. Why she agreed to it is inexplicable; it's like watching Laurence Olivier in a Police Academy! sequel. The Ladies Man also includes an out-of-left-field Broadway-style dance number that tries to milk laughs out of those who can't find anything else in the movie funny. However, it too is not funny.