Rat Race

I actually got a headache from watching this movie. Which isn't to say that it's all that bad. Just very loud. And all the characters scream a lot. A lot.

Actually, come to think of it, it's not that good.

Rat Race is about a bunch of idiots (played by a sort-of all-star cast) who are picked at random by John Cleese to make the trek from Las Vegas to Silver City, New Mexico. The first one to make it to a storage locker at the Silver City train station is entitled to keep the $2 million in cash located therein.

As you would expect, lots of car chases and wacky shenanigans ensue as everyone makes a run for the money. Lots of screaming also ensues. But Andrew Breckman's script is at least unpredictable; the dimbulb racers are put in nearly every kooky situation you can think of, from a balloon festival to a busload of Lucille Ball lookalikes to a rocket car to an ambulance carrying a slippery human heart... too bad it's not that funny. Perhaps all that screaming is meant to hide the fact that nobody in the audience is laughing.

Cleese – whose race is actually a contest for his real clientele, millionaires betting on which moron will get to Silver City first – is amusing, at least, as are the various cruel bets he and his high-roller buddies engage in. But there was only one moment in the entire movie that made me seriously laugh, and that moment belongs to Jon Lovitz and Hitler's car. I'll leave it at that.

Rat Race at least has nice production values and some impressive set pieces. But make no mistake: it's a piece of crap.