20 Matches

“20 Matches” – Funded!

The 20 Matches Indiegogo campaign came to a close on March 4th, and I ultimately raised $7,120 (well, technically $7,140 – someone mailed me $20). As you can see if you read my previous update, I didn't believe that I'd even raise $6,000, so I am quite pleasantly surprised – and humbled – by support and generosity that this campaign engendered, mostly from friends and fans, but also from a handful of strangers.

Now I just need to make this film.

The next step is to finesse the script, make a valiant attempt to get it into the hands of a well-known German actress, and if that doesn't work out then I will start casting around for the best actress I can find. Ideally I will finish casting in early May and shoot shortly after that, finishing post production in the summer.

Happily, so much money was raised in the campaign that I should have plenty to spend on screenings and film festival submissions. Anything to get this spooky little short out there. Until then, I'll be spending a lot of time making the perks for my backers – I have around 100 tiny clay sculpted figures that I need to produce. It's daunting, as each one takes at least 2 hours to do, but I wanted the campaign and fulfillment efforts to be as creative as the filmmaking process itself.