Miki and I get animated

A New Animated Short

In something of a flashback to the 2006 Getty Images short film competition I entered (and won), I recently found out about a video contest called DateCheck Dream Date. It's sponsored by a dating service, but that's okay - I liked the idea, which was to make a 60-second video describing what I would do if I could spend a thousand dollars on a date. If I win, I get that thousand dollars. The sponsors were encouraging entrants to simply upload webcam videos of themselves talking about their dream date, but I took it a few steps further and actually created an animated film, with my own voiceover and cartoon likeness (as well as the likeness of my wife Miki; fortunately, married contestants aren't blocked from entering). This is the first animated short I've made since college, and I'm proud of it. [UPDATE: I've since removed the video from YouTube, but the sponsors still have a copy of it up, which you can watch here.] I'll update you all in a couple of weeks when the contest is over and I'll tell you how I did. Another video contest is looming on the horizon, and I plan to make an animated short for that as well. More on that later.