The film’s first victim, and her killers

Animating interest in Dial 9 to Get Out

The Dial 9 to Get Out Kickstarter campaign has just nine days left to go. Facing somewhat insurmountable odds in raising a remaining $90,000 by April 3rd, I spent the last week drawing and animating a funny 2-minute pitch video, which rushes through the first half of the DIAL 9 storyline.

You are welcome to view it on YouTube. Share it with friends and so on. It's actually pretty entertaining. And yes, the actual feature film will be live action.

For those of you just coming into this and somehow unaware that there is a Kickstarter campaign going on for my third feature, better check out the campaign and pledge a little something if you want to see this movie get made! Lots of nice rewards and amusing updates every day. But you only have nine days to help. Thanks!