The Kickstarter splash image. The film’s tagline: “Temping can be murder.”

Dial 9 is now live on Kickstarter!

It's been a very exciting day: After months of cautious planning, this morning I launched the Kickstarter campaign for Dial 9 to Get Out. That right there is the link you need to click on to see it.

The page itself was a lot of fun to build and hopefully you will enjoy looking at it, especially the intro video. We shot that on the set of the TV show Castle, which my producer Meta Valentic works on. Scott Spears, who was the cinematographer on Foreign Correspondents, shot the creepy hallway footage that opens the video. Christopher Farrell, who scored both of my features as well as my recent short A Trophy, contributed some scary music. And my good friend William Lebeda, who did the titles for my features as well as for half the Hollywood movies you've seen in recent years (he's Creative Director at Picture Mill), designed some fabulous titles.

All four of these talented people will work on the Dial 9 production - if we get the project funded.

So for those of you reading this who I'm not otherwise in touch with, I encourage you to visit the page, get the word out, share the link, become a backer, and so on. This is going to be a really dark, funny, over-the-top film with great characters, crisp dialogue, and lots of juicy tension. If you liked Claustrophobia, this is going to be about 50 times better than Claustrophobia.

We have until April 3 to raise $120,000. It was a stellar day today, in that we raised $4,000 in just the first eight hours. If we keep up this momentum, we can hit that goal. But I am very aware that the first day of a crowdfunding campaign is typically one of the biggest days, thanks to friends and loved ones helping out. So I'm already preparing for those grim times when I only raise $5 a day. But if the word spreads, that may not happen.

So spread the word!