Still from The Road to Hana

Finally, Something to Show for the Year

I feel bad that 2011 has only allowed me to write three development updates for you, dear reader. I really do. It's not for lack of trying. I just don't like talking too much about things in progress if I don't have actual stuff to show you. So let me give you a little gift for the season: My first music video is now online! It's called "The Road to Hana" and it's for a one man band called State Shirt. I've known many acquaintances over the years who have attempted to make music, but I genuinely like this guy's work. If I didn't, there's no way I could have endured listening to this song several hundred times while editing the video (which I also conceived, directed, and shot most of). I'm proud of this thing, so check it out.

I also have news along the personal filmmaking front: I finally recorded the voiceover for A Trophy, the short that I shot literally one year ago. Getting the voiceover done was the one true obstacle (besides my own busy schedule) that kept me from editing. Now that this crucial part of the film is in the can, I should be able to get into post-production next month... Unless yet more freelance work gets in the way, that is. Without divulging too much, I can say that, other than a couple of design-oriented gigs I'm deep into at the moment, there are two really cool projects in the pipeline. One is an interactive children's book and one is an online screenwriting course. Yes, really. Neither of these has been written in stone yet - it all depends on somebody else signing a contract and a check, which will either happen this month or never - but they're far enough along for me to at least cite them as reasons why I've been so busy this autumn. If they don't pan out, this is the last you will hear of either of them, and the upside is that I will be able to concentrate on A Trophy. But if they do move forward, I'll keep you in the loop.

Oh, one more thing: I wrote Jesse Eisenberg's voiceover intro for the Rio animated Blu-ray, as well as text for the headlines for the newspaper montage in A Very Harold and Kumar 3-D Christmas as well as some phony Cosmopolitan-style questionnaires for the title sequence of the comedy What's Your Number? which was released a couple months ago to little fanfare. Yours to enjoy on cable someday soon!