Greetings from Ashland, Oregon

Gone to Ashland, Going to Nashville

Forget what I said in my previous update: I will be at the Nashville Film Festival after all, screening 20 Matches at 9:30pm on Friday, April 22. My wife Miki talked me into it. She told me that I'd regret not going, and I agreed. So I will be there April 20-23. I'm excited. If you're in the Nashville area, please come on down, see my film, and say hello. (20 Matches screens before a feature called Maskoun that night, and also at 9:30pm on Monday April 18, though I won't be there for the Monday screening.)

As for the Ashland Independent Film Festival last weekend, it was a grand time. I highly encourage all filmmakers to submit their work there. They are incredibly well-organized and generous to their guests. Ashland is also very cute and walkable. 20 Matches screened with some great shorts, and although our audiences were relatively small – it's hard to convince Ashlanders to stay out until 11pm, it seems – those that came liked the film a lot. I hope to return to AIFF someday.

20 Matches also played very well in Sarasota and Phoenix, with my composer Chris Wirsig representing the film at the latter.

I close with this intriguing bit of news: I was just accepted into another major film festival. I can't tell you which for a few more weeks, but it's a good one, and I'll be attending.