The small but appreciative audience in Munich

Home Again, Home Again

A little under two weeks ago, I returned back to LA after a lovely, if lonely, 7-week trip abroad. (My girlfriend was working, so I traveled solo.) The tourist highlights were few, as I spent more time visiting people than sightseeing, but I made some new friends, ate some good food, and walked around in the cold a lot. I can report that, of the cities I saw for the first time, Prague is beautiful (if touristy), Vienna is fascinating and regal, Detroit is underrated, and St. Louis is actually rather nice. It was also fun to host my first public screenings of my films outside the US. Both Claustrophobia and Foreign Correspondents screened at the Werkstattkino in Munich, Germany, and though the turnout consisted of my friend Alex and whichever of her buddies she could coax into the theatre, both films got a positive response. They were really nice people, too. Aside from that, the one off-the-beaten-path gem I discovered was the bizarre Chislehurst Caves site outside of London. If you're in the area and you've seen it all, by all means head out there for a tour.

Meanwhile, I count the days towards the impending video release of Claustrophobia - er, I mean Serial Slayer. It's still set for December 14 in the US and Canada, and I've already noticed that it's up for pre-sale on a number of web sites, including Amazon. The article about the film in the latest issue of FANGORIA is also very nice. There is no review, but I'm hoping they'll publish one (hopefully a positive one) in their next issue, due December 7. As for me, it's back to writing Dial 9 to Get Out. I'm still on course to finish the first draft by December 14.