At the Getty party in New York. I’ve been watermarked!

I Won!

Good news: My short film The Closest Thing to Time Travel won Grand Prize in the Getty Images competition "The Next Big Idea" (see below entry for more details). If you're one of the people who watched the film and voted for it while the competition was running, I am very grateful for your help and support. You helped me win the $10,000 prize as well as a trip to New York (where they premiered the film at a special event filled with hundreds of drunken revelers). I am not sure whether this win will open any doors for me; I've always understood that this competition, fun though it may have been, was not about kick-starting a struggling filmmaker's career so much as it was a marketing campaign aimed at promoting Getty Images' impressive film library. But if all I get out of it is the ten grand and the New York trip, that's good enough for me. Time, however, will tell if anything more comes of it. In any event, I'm quite happy about this nice little victory.

Aside from that, I finished up my little job with Disney and am hoping to find some new things to busy up the rest of my year. There may be another foreign sale for Claustrophobia/Serial Slayer soon, but it's too early to tell. I've also been toying around with the idea of writing a script for an ultra-ultra-low-budget film that I can make with my own savings in 2007, in case Dial 9 to Get Out fails to find any investors before then.