This is me, looking ahead

Looking Ahead to 2007

I waited a while to post an update because there were "things in the works" that I didn't want to discuss publicly until I had the assurance to do so (i.e. had a contract signed). But now I can share the news that last week I signed an option agreement with two producers to make Dial 9 to Get Out. These brave souls are Meta and Gregory. I've known Meta for several years (we met at a party - mingling can be lucrative!) and Meta has known Gregory for a while too. Both are very excited about making this picture - which is, I think, one of the two important qualities that a producer should have. (The other being the ability to raise money, of course.) With their suggestions, I rewrote the script and improved it greatly. (This is why I haven't been able to start any new scripts, as hoped - it's taken a while to perfect the one for Dial 9.) I'm optimistic about the future of this project in 2007. Naturally I will post updates as they come. Right now the goal is to start raising money and try to attach a "name" actor or two to the film. This is not going to be a multi-million-dollar deal, but it's also not going to be shot on a shoestring like Claustrophobia/Serial Slayer was.

Otherwise, though 2006 was definitely filled with highlights for me - the Getty Images win, first and foremost, but also some fun vacations and a happy home life - I can't wait to move on. Unfortunately my former sales agent Michael (aka Michele) Taverna of MonteCristo International (aka MonteCristo Entertainment) is still refusing to pay me the money he owes me from his Claustrophobia/Serial Slayer sales, so I have officially begun IFTA arbitration against him. I don't know how long this will take, or if there's any guarantee that I'll get my money. But it's better to try than to not try. In any case, I'm eager to put this ugly situation behind me. Once again, I send out a warning to all filmmakers out there to stay away from Michael Taverna and MonteCristo. It's a lousy situation, one I wouldn't wish upon anybody. If nothing else, at least I can use the power of the Internet to spread the word about this guy and his shady business practices.

On a lighter note, I wish you all a very Happy New Year and I hope 2007 treats you well.