The happy couple


Usually I don't post much personal news in this section, but a wedding is pretty significant no matter who you are, so I figured it was worth mentioning. In short, on August 3, 2005, I got married to my girlfriend Miki. It was a private ceremony on a hot air balloon in Northern California's wine country ("Hidden Valley", to be precise), just the two of us and the balloon captain, so don't feel bad if you weren't invited. Anyway, obviously that's taken up the bulk of my time during the past month or so - not just the wedding itself, but the big move-in, which has strained my muscles and often my patience since I started hauling my stuff into Miki's house in West Hollywood on July 31. (Trivia note: beleaguered actor Tom Sizemore once lived in this house, reportedly having cocaine parties with Robert Downey Jr. right in our living room. It's fun to be a part of Hollywood lore!)

Now that the dust is settling from the wedding and the move, I need to figure out what my next course of action is, film-wise. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the quarter finals of the Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting Contest (see May 4 entry, below), so I can't count on any agents or production companies knocking on my door any time soon. Which is probably best, as it narrows my future filmmaking options, making it more likely that, despite my initial wishes, I will probably self-fund Dial 9 to Get Out if I am to shoot it in 2006. Claustrophobia/Serial Slayer made a bit more money than expected on VOD, so that helps. Also, I am hoping that some decent cash will come in from that film's foreign sales, which will further enable me to fund Dial 9. (Though I have yet to see any checks from these sales, which is troubling.) One final thing, for you Kiwis: apparently Claustrophobia/Serial Slayer is not yet released in New Zealand, despite earlier reports. I don't know when it will be released, but it should be soon. (It's the same company that released it in Australia back in May.)