In Vienna, the setting for 20 Matches

Moving forward with “Words to Live by”

I just realized that I never posted an update after the completion of the Words to Live by Indiegogo campaign. Well, in the end, I didn't hit my ambitious $12,000 goal, but I did raise over $10,000 from a lot of generous people. With whatever pocket change I need to cough up myself, it's enough to make a movie with.

Already we are in the midst of casting the film. Casting Director Michael LaPolla and I have now watched the first round of self-taped, online auditions – such a difference from the old days, when I cast Foreign Correspondents and Claustrophobia, and actors had to physically come in for their first readings – and in mid-January we will hold in-person callbacks. We've already got a lot of great actors to choose from, so I'm confident that we'll wind up with a terrific cast.

At the moment, we're aiming to shoot the film for two days/nights in early February. Right now that seems extremely soon, especially as we have yet to scout locations (which will be challenging, keeping our low budget in mind) and hire crew. But a lot can happen in a month. For example, this December I went to Austria with the wife, caught a cold and recovered, did all the initial casting for the film, painted my staircase (which was a bear), finished a major freelance writing gig, went up to San Jose for Christmas with my family, and adopted two new kittens – and there's still three days to go! In short, January will be packed with activity, and hopefully by the end of that month I'll be fully prepared to shoot Words to Live by.