Don’t you want this T-shirt?

The “20 Matches” Indiegogo campaign is live!

Yesterday I quietly launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $1,000 for 20 Matches (click here to take a look at it)... and within two and a half hours, the whole thing was funded! Now, less than 24 hours later, I'm at over $2,000, and the campaign still has 19 days to go. (I thought I'd be clever by giving it a 20-day length.)

Whereas last year's ambitious Kickstarter campaign failed to raise $120,000 for Dial 9 to Get Out, now I'm in an opposite but equally awkward situation, asking for money when I theoretically no longer need it.

Of course, I hope enough additional contributions will come in to pay for a theatrical screening of 20 Matches and all the other short films I've made in the last decade, so that's one reason to keep banging the drum.

Also, a film is like the proverbial goldfish that grows as you increase the size of its fishbowl: I told people that I could make 20 Matches for $1,000, and I can. But I could also make it for $10,000 – or, rather, $6,000, which is more or less the maximum I can raise from this campaign. That would get me nicer camera and sound equipment, a more experienced (and thus more expensive) crew, a longer shoot time, a studio to film in, and more money to spend on film festival submissions. While $6,000 is not a likely scenario, I am curious to see how high I can get.

For now, at least I can relax in the knowledge that this film is fully financed. Now I just have to worry about producing all the perks.