The First 10 Pages – Done!

August has turned out to be a better month than I'd anticipated. Lately I've been feeling very productive and happy: A decent graphic design gig came from out of nowhere; I've finally finished up some long-delayed home organizing and other chores; best of all, I started work on the Dial 9 to Get Out script last Wednesday and have completed the first ten pages. Already one of the main characters has been brutally murdered, so it's off to a good start! As with Claustrophobia, the screenwriting process has been going very smoothly. Maybe thrillers are easier to write, maybe I've hit my stride, or maybe I was just smart to get the plot all worked out beforehand, but recently I've found screenwriting far less frustrating than I once did.

Meanwhile, all is well. I had my interview with Fangoria and was pleased to hear that the writer of the article, one Christine Colby, as well as the magazine's editor Michael Gingold both really liked Claustrophobia. So hopefully there will be a nice article in their print magazine around the time of the film's release. Oh, and regarding that local film festival my acquaintance jerked me around on (see previous update): I discovered that they're only playing two narrative features - one comedy, one drama - so I don't feel so bad at being excluded. Still, getting a form letter from some flunky was tacky.