Titles designer William Lebeda

The Home Stretch

Tonight, Easter Sunday, I just finished the lengthy process of color correcting Claustrophobia. Meanwhile, Christopher Farrell is basically done with his score, and I must say, his music is spectacular, certainly far and beyond what would ordinarily be expected of a film with such a modest budget. The sound editor's painstaking work cleaning up sound and adding effects should pay off soon, too: our final sound mix is next weekend - on my 33rd birthday. Meanwhile, I hired my old friend William Lebeda (I get to call him Bill) to design the titles for the film. Bill rules. He did the titles for my first film as well as for some other little movies like Panic Room, Signs, Hollow Man, and The Sixth Sense. So I feel like a real hotshot now.

On top of all that, I was contacted by a pair of producer's representatives a couple of weeks ago. A producer's rep is best described as an "agent for movies" - they help sell films and get a commission from every sale. It's a better idea than trying to sell this movie on my own, and right now better than most distributors. They seemed to have liked the Claustrophobia rough cut to the degree where they will want to work with me, but time will tell. So anyway, including the news that I found a nice new house a mile north of my current place (which I will soon have to vacate) and was just invited to a film festival in Norway this August, everything is going very well. Oh, except for my being taken to small claims court on Tuesday. I have a new maxim for all budding producers out there: If you make a film, expect at least one lawsuit.