A Close Encounters pilgrimage, August 2018

The new script is finally done, and it’s called…

After another lengthy gap between updates, I'm proud to announce that I finally finished the script for my next short film. And it only took 22 months after the story's inception!

Shortly after my previous update last February, I forced myself to plow through the script, hoping that the physical process of writing would magically work through the problems I was having with the second act. I was right, it did work, and I was so happy that I put the script down again for several months. After that, the usual doubts resurfaced: the film is going to cost more to make than I'd like; maybe it won't turn out so good; will it be worth all the stress of crowdfunding, production, submitting to film festivals, etc.?

That last question shall remain unanswered for now. For now, I have a good, shootable script, and I've settled on a final title for the film: Words to Live By. As the plot concerns a woman who is asked by a stranger to talk him out of killing himself, I feel the title is apt.

What's next: preparing a crowdfunding campaign for the film. I've already floated some ideas for backer perks past close friends. I may try one more round of internal reviews. Provided that I get my act together, I'll launch the campaign sometime next month. Of course, once upon a time, I was going to shoot the actual film in November. That's obviously not happening now, but that's okay. It's usually best to wait until after the holidays anyway, when everyone's in town and the nights are long. (The film takes place at night.)

My next update here should be an announcement of the crowdfunding campaign. Unless you just want to send me a check for $10,000 and get this film financed all at once.