Let’s throw a ticker tape parade!

The new site? You’re looking at it

I am thrilled to report that, after over ten years with the crusty old 2002 layout, I finally redesigned the Cassava Films website, with an enormous amount of help from my genius programmer friend Natalie MacLees. We just relaunched it today. If you're a long-time visitor, you will notice the changes immediately. For one, the site's now a lot bigger - in many ways. It's been redesigned to fit today's larger monitors (yet is also now scalable for mobile browsers), and it's also got literally hundreds of new pages, since I've broken every movie review off into its own page instead of lumping them together by letter. This process of importing over 700 reviews and over 300 Lists of 9 has taken more time than you can imagine, as I had to create brand new graphics to go with each and every page. I hope you will appreciate the improvements.

All the old content is still here. (The only thing I got rid of was the extensive "making of" section for my film Claustrophobia, which is all ancient history now anyway.) The big difference is in how you can access all this content. Reviews and Lists of 9 now have search functionality. You can browse reviews alphabetically as always, but now also by year or director. Lists of 9 can also be filtered via keywords, if there's a particular subject you're interested in.

Today is something of a "soft launch" as I still have over 150(!) reviews to import from the old site, as well as 30-40 ancient Lists of 9. I should get that done within the next week, just in time for the debut of my lynda.com screenwriting course, which is scheduled to happen very, very soon.