Where we are in editing right now – literally, not metaphorically

This Site Goes Public and I Go Missing

Today was the day I was going to "officially" launch this site to the public, by sending out my usual spam to the hundreds of people on my mailing list, but as I am leaving tomorrow for two and a half months of traveling (to the Pacific Northwest, the San Francisco Bay Area, the East Coast and England) I spent all my time tying all my loose ends together this week. So alas, I couldn't finish the major part of this site, which is the section dedicated to my new film Claustrophobia. But then, I thought it would be pointless to alert the world the day before I go incommunicado for so long anyway. Besides, the public has mostly discovered this site by now, so the "launch" is not really news at this point.

A little update on the making of Claustrophobia: my editor and I have now cut together about 30 minutes of the picture. Unfortunately, we've gone through 40 pages of script! For those of you who don't know, one page of script is supposed to equal one minute of screen time. So 40 pages of script should amount to 40 minutes of movie. Not so in this case. Which makes me worried, because the script is only 82 pages long! I would rather not have a 60-minute film when I'm done, so unless the second part of the film (which has a lot more suspense than the dialogue-laden first part) takes up more screen time, I am already considering some possible additions to the film, namely a prologue and/or epilogue set in a different locale with possibly different characters. Just so I don't have to go through the mess of renting out the one house we used for the location again, or tracking down the three busy actresses who starred in the film. I'll have a better idea once we finish the first cut of the picture, hopefully in November.