A still from The Closest Thing to Time Travel

Watch My New Short Film – and Vote for It!

I'm very excited to tell you that I made a new short film, which you can watch right now, for free, online. It's called The Closest Thing to Time Travel and it's but a mere 60 seconds in length. As reported in the update below, it's my entry in a Getty Images stock footage competition called "The Next Big Idea". Now that it's up for public voting, I need you to watch my new film and vote for it. If I win, I get $10,000! So I need all the votes I can legally get. Please click here to watch my film. [2007 UPDATE: THE COMPETITION IS OVER, BUT CLICK THAT LINK TO WATCH MY FILM, AND THE OTHER FINALISTS' FILMS AS WELL.] If you have the time, I encourage you to watch all of the final films. There's a lot of creativity on display. But I really think mine's the best, so I'd appreciate your vote. Voting ends April 21, so if you want to help me out, do not delay. Thanks.

More good news to share: Claustrophobia was released in the UK on March 20. It's on DVD under its inescapable new title Serial Slayer. If you're in Britain, you can now see my film, so hunt it down. I know it's available at amazon.co.uk and play.com as well as many other video rental and sales sites. I don't know which "brick & mortar" shops it's in. I suppose if your local shop doesn't carry it, you can just tell them to order the film from Film 2000, its UK distributor.