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Thor: Love and Thunder

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Newest review posted on July 18, 2022:

Thor: Love and Thunder

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The List of 9

current list posted on March 18, 2022:

Nine Things I Was Once Afraid of, But Got Over

I continue to slack on the List of 9 – as mentioned before, the "trivia space" of my brain has been absorbed with my upcoming website/app L.A. Street Names, while pop culture lists are now so pervasive that it's nearly impossible to think of a theme that hasn't already been done to death – so personal lists are all I… read more!

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With Armando Torres and Jane Petrov at PIFF

Development Updates

last updated January 2, 2021:

2020 Hindsight

Boy, none of us saw 2020 turning out like that, did we? Life sure can change fast. Maybe it's fitting that I didn't post an update here all that year. Not that there was much to update you on, film-wise. My most recent short Words to Live by did manage to get a local screening at the Pasadena International Film… read more!

Words to Live by

The Films

Last updated January 2, 2021:

Words to Live by

A young woman heading out to a bar encounters a young man who asks her to talk him out of committing suicide. Starring Angie Kim, Armando Torres, Leandro Cano, Tricia Fukuhara, Ruby Park, Merrick McCartha, Cathy D. Tomlin, William Christian, Stacy Arnell. Producer: Jane Petrov. Director of Photography: Andie Ximenes. Editor: Cheryl Campsmith. Costume Designer: Stephen Boyd-Morales. Music: Hatem Elgenedy. Casting: Michael LaPolla.

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