Welcome to Cassava Films, an independent film production company run by Mark Tapio Kines in Los Angeles, California.
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At the Academy Museum in front of a North by Northwest backdrop, June 2023

Development Updates

last updated June 21, 2023:

Closing Up Shop

To whom it may concern: As of June 2023, I have decided to stop updating this website. After finishing my last short Words to Live by four years ago, I just haven't felt inspired to make any new films. I don't find the process or the results rewarding anymore. And as far as this site goes, the┬áList of 9 has… read more!

Beau Is Afraid

Movie Reviews

Newest review posted on May 6, 2023:

Beau Is Afraid

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21st century abs in an 1880s drama

The List of 9

current list posted on December 1, 2022:

Nine Things That Will Take Me Out of a Movie Or TV Show

The suspension of disbelief is imperative when watching (or reading, or listening to) a work of fiction. This is how we can accept a fantasy about giant blue aliens in outer space but get irked when there's a plot hole. Even though I've directed films and thus I know how the sausage is made, I can still easily lose myself… read more!

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Words to Live by

The Films

Last updated January 2, 2021:

Words to Live by

A young woman heading out to a bar encounters a young man who asks her to talk him out of committing suicide. Starring Angie Kim, Armando Torres, Leandro Cano, Tricia Fukuhara, Ruby Park, Merrick McCartha, Cathy D. Tomlin, William Christian, Stacy Arnell. Producer: Jane Petrov. Director of Photography: Andie Ximenes. Editor: Cheryl Campsmith. Costume Designer: Stephen Boyd-Morales. Music: Hatem Elgenedy. Casting: Michael LaPolla.

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