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The CAA building: more appropriate than the Hollywood sign

Nine Show Business Survival Tips

Now that I'm close to finishing my new script and preparing to pitch it to would-be agents, partners, financiers, etc., I have written this list – which, as with all advice, is meant to convince myself as much as it is to educate you, the reader. Thing is, I've seen many people get strung along by vague promises of fame and fortune, often for years. Heed my tips and… read more!

Excuses, excuses

Nine Favorite Cop-Outs of Film Distributors

With all the woes I had finding a distributor for my first feature Foreign Correspondents, I thought I'd share some of the many excuses distributors will give you as you try to sell your film and/or screenplay. Remember, of course, that 99% of the people you meet in this industru have absolutely no power, so these underlings come up with… read more!

The most dependable entry into Hollywood

Nine Common Entries Into Hollywood: Myth and Reality

So, you wanna be in showbiz, eh? Well, there are many ways to get your foot in the door, even if you don't know a soul in LA. As somebody who has more or less been there, allow me to share my insights, so that you may better prepare yourself for your rise to the top. There are, of course,… read more!

A new screenwriter

Nine Step-by-Step Tips for New Screenwriters

This list assumes that you have already decided on the story you wish to write. Congratulations! For many, that's the hardest part. But between the time you first type "FADE IN" and the time you start showing your script to big Hollywood executives, I have a few important suggestions for you, in definite chronological order. Don't tell anyone your story… read more!