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Macaroni cheese, not macaroni and cheese.

Nine New Things I Learned About Great Britain

This list was conceived shortly after my December 2019 trip to England, when I spotted some peculiarities about British life that had escaped my notice in earlier visits. I intended to post it after returning to the UK in late March 2020; that holiday never happened, thanks to the pandemic, but I've been ignoring the List of 9 for so… read more!

Mary Pickford has at least one namesake street

Nine Los Angeles County Streets Named for Movie Stars

My big project for the past 8 months – and very well for the next 8 years – is something I'm calling L.A. Street Names. It's a forthcoming website and app about the name origins of streets throughout Los Angeles County. Naturally, some of these streets' namesakes are celebrities, but not nearly as many as one might think. (Someone recently… read more!

Musso’s neon signage

Nine Celebrities I Have Seen at Musso and Frank

My wife and I have been semi-regulars at Hollywood's Musso & Frank Grill for a decade now. 2019 has been a banner year for the restaurant: the oldest in Hollywood, Musso's turns 100 this year, and it also serves as a key location in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. On a sadder note, Musso's most famous bartender… read more!

Bacon-wrapped hot dogs

Nine Smells I Associate with Los Angeles

Most people don't talk about how a city smells, because most cities smell the same: like diesel, dog crap, and garbage. You'd probably add that LA also smells like "smog", but I don't know what smog smells like – maybe I've been here so long that I've become desensitized to it. In any event, I actually find Los Angeles and… read more!

Dicks Street

The Nine Gayest-Sounding Street Names in West Hollywood

It's time once again for Pride Weekend in West Hollywood. And as I occasionally do around this time of year, I thought I'd write another cheeky list saluting my friends and neighbors here in this, the queerest of American cities. The following streets are all real, and they were all christened long before West Hollywood became a gay mecca. But… read more!


The Nine Quintessential San Jose Movies

San Francisco has starred in scores of films, and nearby Oakland has recently had some time in the spotlight thanks to Fruitvale Station, Sorry to Bother You, etc. But what of lowly San Jose and its environs? Silicon Valley is driving the world's culture right now, but motion pictures shot in Santa Clara County – or with stories set in… read more!

Lufthansa’s downstairs lavatories

The Nine Coolest Features I’ve Seen on Airplanes

I'm lucky in that I have the time and means to travel by air for pleasure. Not lucky enough, alas, to fly first class. So this list won't cover those genuinely awesome amenities, like showers and lounges, which you will find on A380s flown by Etihad, Emirates, etc. But for this hapless traveler cramped in economy, these little innovations have… read more!

Tijuana’s birthplace of the Caesar salad

Nine Famous Dishes and Cocktails I’ve Consumed at their Point of Origin

I am still struggling to write more relevant, entertainment- or history-related lists that haven't already been done to death elsewhere on the Internet. (There are now so many, many other list makers I have to compete with.) To keep the List of 9 alive and unique in its 20th(!!) year, I often have to resort to more personal and/or arcane material. Still, hopefully… read more!

At a private dinner in Mallorca

The Nine Fanciest Experiences I Have Had

Recently I heard someone ask, "What's the fanciest thing you've ever done?" It's a fun question to answer, because first one has to define "fancy". It's not merely – or necessarily – expensive. But it is luxurious. Classy. A little snooty. And I don't come from fancy stock. Never been on a private jet or a yacht, or in an Italian sports car. Never had… read more!

Hit the airport ATM as soon as you land

Nine Tips for Spending Money Overseas

I'm not Mr. Adventure, but I do travel abroad more often than the average American. I've been doing it long enough to remember when American Express traveler's cheques were almost your only option for obtaining currency abroad. Today, of course, you can use your credit and ATM cards as freely as you can in the US – at least in… read more!

The Shrine Auditorium

Nine Oscar Venues

The Academy Awards are just around the corner, and once again they are being held in Hollywood, in what is now known as the Dolby Theatre. But the Oscars have hopped around all of Los Angeles since the first ceremony in 1929. In chronological order: The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Just across the street (and down a block) from the Dolby… read more!

The Los Angeles Theatre (see: Last Remaining Seats)

The Nine Best Places to See a Movie in Los Angeles

If you're coming to Los Angeles, the movie capital of the world, then you really should see a movie. And whether you're a tourist or a local, you'd do well to spend an evening or two at every one of these venues. As you will soon read, each one promises much more than just a movie. The Academy. You know… read more!

Al Pacino and friend. Not my photo, but it’s what I saw

Nine Celebrities I Have Walked Past in Los Angeles

Who says nobody walks in LA? I walk around this city all the time. And this list is proof that I'm not alone. Even multi-millionaires have times when they need to tumble out of their limousines and stretch their legs. And lo, here are nine famous Angelenos who, as I can personally attest, have actually placed their feet upon a… read more!

Where you can (and can’t) touch a koala

Nine Things I Learned About Australia

My wife and I just spent a few days in Australia. What a great place. Expensive as all get-out right now, but still a swell destination for the curious. Obviously it's all quite huge and there's lots to see, but we got enough of a "sampling" of the country for me to make the following nine observations. I'll bet you… read more!

Indian for “Wild Onion”

Nine Non-English Origins of U.S. City Names

There are over 19,000 incorporated municipalities in the United States. I have no idea how many of them have English-based names. It may not even be a majority. But since English is still the primary language of this country, it's easy to assume that it's the default source for most of our city names, e.g., all the Springfields, Fairviews, Greenvilles… read more!

Halloween in West Hollywood

Nine Reasons Why Streets Around My House Were Closed in 2011

Hi all. My unusually busy period in my freelance career is still going strong, which explains the dearth of new Lists of 9. I was hoping to put this up a few weeks ago, when the calendar still read 2011. Oh well, in any event, this list sheds some light on what life in West Hollywood, California, is like. Halloween.… read more!

The Salem Witchcraft Trials

Nine Rather Terrible Things That Have Since Become Sources of “Fun”

As the saying goes, "comedy is tragedy plus time." One may also say, "a tourist trap or Halloween costume is tragedy plus time." Because there are some disturbing things that, decades or centuries later, have entered the realm of popular culture and are now accepted as entertainment. Here in Hollywood, for instance, there are tour bus companies that will take… read more!

Picture this on a boat

Nine Things That Would Make a Cruise Ship Attractive to Hipsters

A couple of years ago, my wife Miki and I went on a cruise with her parents. It was their idea, not ours. But we were good sports. The consensus: neither Miki nor I enjoyed cruising. It was all too mainstream for us - the food, the activities, the decor, our fellow passengers. So while we don't consider ourselves hipsters… read more!

Angelyne, who else?

Nine People Who Are Only Famous in Los Angeles

You can be famous in New York yet be famous nowhere else, and it doesn't matter. New York is an insular, exclusive place. But if you're famous in Los Angeles - the world's epicenter of popular culture - but you're an unknown outside the city, then there must be something wrong with you. Or so the logic goes. Your band… read more!

Only in New Orleans

Nine “Only In…” American Cities

A couple of weeks ago, I went for a walk around my neighborhood. Over the course of thirty minutes, I passed an elderly Mickey Rooney (yes, the Mickey Rooney) being helped out of a building and into a black SUV, then went to a park where a Mexican teenager and her family were posing for her quinceañera photos, not far… read more!