The Bradbury Building

Nine Interesting Places to Visit in the Los Angeles Area

After traveling, it's always a little hard to return to my home in Los Angeles. Back to the old grind and all. So I thought, well, after all the touristy things I did around the world this autumn, what would I really recommend to a visitor who came out here? Most folks never see the good stuff: it's always the… read more!

Jim Morrison?

The Nine Goofiest Drawings of Jim Morrison on the Web

I took Art throughout high school, and one thing I noticed, year after year, was that there would always be some goober - male or female - who would draw a portrait of The Doors' Jim Morrison as one of their class assignments. A couple of months ago, while I was searching for a photo of Morrison online, I quickly… read more!

Ed Harris as Jackson Pollock

Nine Movies About Famous Painters

Cinema has long held a fascination for telling the stories about celebrated artists. I'm not sure if this has much to do with the visual thrill of watching someone paint, or the scandalous, tragic lives artists often live, but it certainly does have something to do with vain movie stars who simply must channel the spirits of their tortured heroes… read more!

Danny Elfman

Nine Rock Stars Who Became Film Composers

Pop music and film music have always gone hand-in-hand. For decades, the "Best Original Song" Oscar winner was not only a major radio hit, but was often written (or cowritten) by the composer of the film. Lately, though, as rock stars stare 40 in the face and decide they want to do more with their lives than play reunion concerts… read more!

Greta Garbo, retired at 35

Nine Famous Actresses Who Retired from Showbiz Early

For most movie stars, acting is a lifelong vocation. Few give it up for good, though some are known to take a few years off now and then. But then there are those who just up and quit – often at the height of fame. Invariably, they gain a sort of mystique for their decision, and leave us with their… read more!

Nine Great Joel Schumacher Films

Nine Lists of 9 I Will Never Write

This list should be self-explanatory. Nine Great Joel Schumacher Films Nine "Frogger" Tips Nine Gay Celebrities Still in the Closet Nine Ways to Entertain Yourself With a Couple of Toothpicks and a Piece of Tape Nine Great Mustards Nine of My Filthiest Sexual Fantasies Nine Little-Known Facts About the '80s Band Night Ranger Nine Photos of Infected Feet Nine Asses

The China Syndrome

Nine American Movies Without Soundtracks

Now that my talented composer Christopher Farrell is finishing up the score for Claustrophobia – over 45 minutes of music for a 78-minute film – I find it hard to believe that at one time I didn't plan on using any music at all. It's only when I started researching this list that I truly realized how rare it is… read more!

Don’t shoot in a plain white room

Nine Tips for Amateur Filmmakers

[2009 NOTE: Ever since I wrote this in 2003, consumer cameras have been improving by leaps and bounds. I have updated this list to be more relevant to those reading it today.] What is an "amateur" filmmaker? In times past, it was your dad, shooting home movies with his super 8 camera and then editing them in the garage with… read more!

This actriss had speling problums

Nine Weird Things I Got in the Mail While Casting Claustrophobia

The struggling actor has one of the toughest lives on earth. It is a profession rife with competition, insecurity, and endless rejection. Time and again, would-be thespians are advised to choose other careers if they can, to pursue acting only if they truly can't imagine doing anything else. Funny, then, that there are so many who can't imagine doing anything… read more!

Rosamund Pike

The Nine Cutest Unknowns in 2002 Cinema

This time around I am eschewing my usual list of the nine most overrated films of the year, mainly because - with the notable exceptions of The Hours and Frida - 2002 didn't really have many titles that fit that description. So I'm trying something different. I'll be frank: This is a sexist list. I am only listing girls. If… read more!

Life Show

Nine Films I Saw at Sundance 2003

This year I went to the Sundance Film Festival for the first time. Because I was shut out of all the buzzworthy pictures (didn't get my tickets in time), I decided to see all the unhip films of the festival because they were easier to get into. As a result, I can't gloat about having seen the hottest "independent" films… read more!