The Spit-take

Nine More Underreported Movie Cliches

It is pure coincidence that it was in January of last year when I wrote a list called Nine Underreported Movie Cliches. Perhaps January is simply a time when I think of such things. Anyway, here are nine more pointless, silly, unrealistic things that films do all the time. The Spit-take. You know the drill: One character is drinking out… read more!

Bacon everything

Nine Trends That I Wish Would Die in 2010

Happy New Year! 2010 is, according to most, the start of a new decade. But in my view it does not seem like anything new is really happening, or that anything old is going away. However, the year and the decade are both young, so there is plenty of time for the teens to have their own identity. I'd like… read more!