Nine Bad Clown Names

A bad clown

Folks, it's not so much that I'm running out of ideas, it's just that I have a lot of unfinished lists that I'm still trying to fill out. In the meantime, I hope you find this list of unlikely, unfortunate, and entirely fictional clown names amusing. It may be the only time you laugh at a clown all year.

  1. "Pinchy". Just can't keep his hands to himself!
  2. "Dribbles". That slobbering drooling barrel of laffs.
  3. "Bunions". Please, kids... Just let me sit down... My feet...
  4. "Drippy". What's that wet spot? Hey! It's "Drippy"!
  5. "Rickets". Tons of bow-legged, pigeon-chested, hunch-backed fun.
  6. "Boner". Is that a balloon animal in his pocket?
  7. "Kaposi". The clown with AIDS!
  8. "Tinkles". Who needs a bottle of seltzer water when you've got "Tinkles" around?
  9. "Fisty". Halp!