The Nine Gayest-Sounding Street Names in West Hollywood

Dicks Street

It's time once again for Pride Weekend in West Hollywood. And as I occasionally do around this time of year, I thought I'd write another cheeky list saluting my friends and neighbors here in this, the queerest of American cities. The following streets are all real, and they were all christened long before West Hollywood became a gay mecca. But for those who appreciate a good double entendre, they are as winky-winky, nudgy-nudgy as WeHo's 90069 ZIP code.

  1. Dicks Street. Yes, really.
  2. Willey Lane. Just a couple blocks down from Dicks Street.
  3. Queens Road.
  4. Bonner Drive. Alas, with two "n"s.
  5. Hancock Avenue. If only there was a "d" in the middle. (That's what he said!)
  6. Palm Avenue. Gay only because it's right next to Hancock.
  7. Horn Avenue.
  8. Nellas Street. Say it out loud and it sounds like "Nelly Street" – "nelly" being gay slang for a stereotypically swishy gay man.
  9. Sweetzer Avenue. Spoken out loud, it sounds like "Sweet Sir". Yeah, I know it's a stretch. Look folks, after twenty years, not every List of 9 is gonna be a grand slam.