The Cove

This excellent documentary about the secret killing of thousands of dolphins in Taiji, Japan, and the brave activists (led by the onetime dolphin trainer for the 1960s TV show Flipper) who strive to put a stop to the slaughter, hits all the right notes.

On the one hand it is a gripping thriller, following the team of do-gooders as they attempt to sneak past heavy security to document the appalling acts by Japanese fishermen. On the other it is a political exposé, shedding light on a little-discussed outrage where Japan will do what it takes to fight anti-whaling laws, even if it means buying votes from cash-strapped countries in a particularly detestable bit of political log-rolling. On top of all this, it is a beautiful nature documentary, showing dolphins and whales in all their glory.

I can't recommend The Cove highly enough. It's a fascinating film, entertaining and eye-opening and horrifying all at once. I can only hope that people in Japan – who are unwittingly buying dolphin meat packaged as (legal) whale meat in the supermarkets – will get to see this film, and will be moved to end the practice of unrepentant dolphin murder in Taiji's blood-drenched cove.