Admittedly, Disney's Dinosaur didn't sound like my cup of tea, so I hadn't planned on seeing it. But there I was, in tiny Grangeville, Idaho with my sister over July 4, and it was the only game in town. The story concerns a dino with the awkward name of Aladar, who for reasons of cuteness was raised by tiny little monkey creatures. After a meteor shower destroys their happy home, they join up with a motley herd of fellow dinos who are trudging across miles of desert wasteland in search of some garden paradise. Of course, Aladar is smitten with a cute female dinosaur, and of course her brother is the leader of the pack as well as an absolute jerk, and before you know it, you're watching "Disney Dinos" - photo-realistic as they may be. Thankfully, they don't sing, but they do everything else that Disney characters do, and that's what sinks Dinosaur. The movie's actually pretty watchable when these giant reptiles get to act like real dinosaurs, roaring and fighting and all that, but whenever they open up their mouths to recite their trite modern dialogue, things become insufferable. It's as though Disney's rationale for making the movie was simply, "Kids like dinosaurs, right? Okay then! Dinosaur!"

Oh, and did you know that this is reportedly the most expensive motion picture of all time? Indeed. Even more than Titanic, with its budget of $200 million. Much as I loathed Titanic, I can at least accept it as an epic. It did feel big. Dinosaur, clocking in at just 75 minutes, feels simply like a computer-animated Land Before Time. And although the animation is often impressive, it's also overdone, so you get to see every single little hair on every single little monkey blowing in the wind. Is that really important?