The Eye

Hotshot Thai filmmakers the Pang Brothers (Danny and Oxide – yes, Oxide) crank out another slick offering, an Asian variation on The Sixth Sense in which a blind woman named Mun (Lee Sin-Je) receives a cornea transplant and almost immediately starts seeing ghosts all around her. This gimmick provides for numerous scenes in which Mun has one eerie encounter after the next.

Good scary fun, but after nearly an hour of this you start wondering if she's ever going to do anything about it. Finally a story hatches, involving a recurring dream Mun has, and in hopes of banishing these images from her sight she determines to find out what happened to the person whose eyes she inherited.

Not much new here – this is another in a long line of "women who have creepy visions" films (Eyes of Laura Mars, In Dreams, Blink) – but there's still some freaky moments that should entertain fans of ghost stories. The narratives gets better as it builds, with several intriguing twists in the third act. There are some sophomoric character revelations – not an uncommon sight in Hong Kong cinema – and thus the emotional scenes towards the end don't resonate as deeply as the Pangs may have intended. But the story remains interesting and delivers some chills.