Let the Right One In

Completely original horror-drama, set in a snowbound Stockholm suburb in early 1982, about a shy 12-year-old boy who is mercilessly bullied at school until he strikes up an odd friendship with the new girl next door... who happens to be a vampire.

Sure to attain cult status, especially among goth teens, Let the Right One In is a canny blend of sympathetic performances, highly creative scenes of violence, remarkable cinematography, and a suspenseful story rife with unexpected moments. The film is so well made, in fact, that my only disappointment is that it never delves as deep as one might expect it to. Director Alfredson and screenwriter John Ajvide Lindqvist (adapting his novel) start exploring themes of loneliness, abuse, and devotion, but instead of leaving us with something profound, Let the Right One In is mostly just a really nifty vampire story.

Oh well. If that's good enough for them, then it's good enough for me. To anybody already sold on the concept, I highly recommend the film, and that's coming from a guy who likes Swedish movies about a thousand times more than he likes vampire movies.