Actors Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn team up for the first time since the indie film Swingers (written by Favreau) turned them into stars. Both have gained an alarming amount of weight in the 5 years since Swingers, and now they play a couple of lunkheads who are hired by mob boss Peter Falk to participate in a marginally dangerous money-for-drugs exchange in New York.

But the story (written, again, by Favreau) can really be summed up as this: Vince Vaughn is extremely stupid and annoys everybody in sight, and Jon Favreau mostly puts up with him. Whoopee.

Trust me, you can safely skip Made. Whatever wit Favreau infused Swingers with is absent here. The only really good thing about the film is the cinematography by Wong Kar Wai's beloved DP Christopher Doyle. Made looks kind of like a Wong movie, which is unsettling when you realize that, when you could be watching gorgeous Hong Kong stars romancing each other ethereally, you are instead stuck with two puffy Yank jerks saying the "F" word over and over, and occasionally beating each other up. Tiresome.