The Station Agent

A Nice Little Indie Film, which is a rare thing these days (as always). I saw this at Sundance in January 2003 and was glad I did; it was the one true "Sundance experience" I had, where a sweet little movie with no stars and no budget but great writing and delicate direction receives standing ovations and audience awards. Though it's only a modest hit on the art house circuit, it's nice to know that at least it made it to theatres.

The Station Agent tells the story of Fin (Peter Dinklage), a lonely, bitter young dwarf who unexpectedly inherits an abandoned railway platform in rural New Jersey and unwillingly attracts the friendship of a kooky local artist (Patricia Clarkson) and a motormouth catering truck driver (Bobby Cannavale). What could have been way too quirky for its own good takes the higher ground and treats these characters as thoughtful, humane individuals, each dealing with his or her own isolation. A pleasant charmer, well worth your time.