In Alaska for the 2016 Anchorage International Film Festival

“20 Matches” Now Public, and What’s Next

At this point, it's safe to say that 20 Matches is done with the festival circuit. It had a good run, with 18 film festivals and additional screenings, including a full month on Alaska Airlines. To mark the occasion, I have removed the Vimeo password and everyone can now see this film in its entirety. You can watch 20 Matches on my Short Films page, or directly on Vimeo. Enjoy!

I'm ready to write the script for my next short, tentatively titled Reprieve. The story's all fleshed out; I just need to type the thing. This film, a drama, will have a totally different style and subject matter from 20 Matches, and I'm really excited about the diverse casting I plan to do for it. From what I saw at festivals last year, the vast majority of American independent films still have predominantly white (and often all-white) casts. That bothers me – and yes, I've been guilty of it myself – so while I won't tell other filmmakers how to cast their movies, I've made the decision to cast minority actors in all the major roles. This actually suits the film's theme, so it's not just a stunt.

If I can get my ducks in a row fast enough, I'll start crowdfunding Reprieve in late spring, and if I really have my act together, I'll shoot it in late summer. Life has a tendency to get in the way, though, so it may wind up being a 2018 shoot. Time will tell.