Chad Evans and Katie Ty Warren in the 48HFP short I wrote

48 Hours (and 8 Months) Later…

Well, this is embarrassing. I've never taken so long to post an update. Apologies. For those who come here regularly, you'll note that I have continued to add movie reviews and Lists of 9, so it's not like I have neglected this site. That said, I've written fewer lists than usual this year, because I have been much busier than I expected to be. My freelance career has seen a marked improvement over 2010, and ever since January I have been very active with both writing and design work. For the most part, I've been supplying the copy for various special features on major studio Blu-ray releases, though as usual I'm not allowed to say what they are until they come out. (Things I wrote last year on the discs for HBO's True Blood and Treme were released in the last couple of months.) I will say that this year involved writing a voiceover for a recently Oscar-nominated actor and even jokes for a popular late night talk show host. Quite unexpected in both cases. On top of that, if you squint, you can see my text in the opening credits of the comedy Your Highness here, and two upcoming studio comedies feature my words in special animated sequences. I've also gotten back into the web design business, launching three brand new sites in 2011 already, with more to come. Finally, I made an animated video for a PR company, which is pretty cute. Feel free to check it out.

Meanwhile, my live action film career yet lives! I once again wrote the screenplay for this year's 48 Hour Film Project competition. Working for my producer friend Dom Zook (who also starred in Party Pooper and my upcoming A Trophy - more on that in a second), this is the second year that I have written for his team, after directing two years ago. All this went down just last weekend, so I haven't even seen the finished film yet. If we win any awards after our premiere next week, I will post a little addendum. And in July I directed my first music video, for State Shirt. It still needs to be edited, but I'll post a link to it when it's done. Speaking of editing, what is going on with that short film I shot last December (see previous update)? Well, the aforementioned A Trophy - that's the title for now - has been on the back burner because I kept waiting for a good lull in my freelance work to edit it. The noisy distractions of heavy renovations on the property where I live - nine months and counting - have provided another excuse not to get to it. But the freelance lull has arrived, the construction work is slowing to an end, and I promise I will finish this film.