A sneak peek at the new short

A New Year, a New Short

2011 is already off to an active start for those of me here at Cassava Films. To begin with, I shot a new short film in December, and over the next month or two I will be editing it. This is a much more serious film than my last few shorts, and if it turns out all right, I will even enter it into festivals - something I haven't really done in over a decade. But I think this film has the potential for better things than the YouTube dumping ground (though I'd like to live in a world where Party Pooper and Ron and Nancy would be welcomed by festivals). I can't tell you too much about it, except that it stars Party Pooper's Dom Zook as a lonely filmmaker who gets wrapped up in the dark side of Hollywood history, and that I shot it mostly outside, guerrilla style - kind of a new thing for me - all around Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. I haven't even nailed down a title for it yet. But I will keep you updated on its status.

At the same time, I continue to slog away on freelance writing, design, and even animation gigs. After my writing work on The Other Guys' end credit sequence earned a surprising amount of press last summer, I've been providing the company who designed those titles with "background text" for no fewer than four major 2011 releases (three theatrical features and one TV movie). I'll reveal their titles once the movies come out and I know my work has survived. As for my own third feature, I continue to play the waiting game. My potential financier had originally suggested a springtime shoot in Florida, but has informed me that this will be postponed, although he says he still intends to have me write and direct this thing. As always, until a contract has been signed and the check clears the bank, I remain skeptical - but hopeful. Happy New Year!